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Christmas in September


It all started when I stopped to sniff the balsam candle in the hallway closet. Right there, behind the sheets, it called to me

Who doesn’t love the smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree? 419 more words

Growth and Development: The Post-College Vacuum

I have recently been assigned the role of TA in a course and topic that is most enjoyable – Student Development Theory. In this course we discuss theories that relate to college student development. 611 more words

Raising Love

summer lessons

This was one of the best summers ever (in my short life anyway).

Throughout the past year, I made all kinds of mistakes, but God constantly reeled me back in with grace despite my brokenness. 82 more words


Finding Child-like Faith

What mars the simplicity of the childlike faith which Jesus commends is not an admixture of knowledge, but an admixture of self-trust. To receive the kingdom as a little child is to receive it as a free gift without seeking in the slightest measure to earn it for one’s self.

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Find Truth: Defining And Defending Reality.

Wrote About "My Fears on Finding Love and Returning to the Church"

11-26-2010 Journal Entry

I finally finished my letter to Mom. I had planned on being vague about my fears on finding love and returning to the Church but found that the level of my despair has decreased and I was better able to express myself. 314 more words

Day 36

Today I found joy in reading a story book to my five year old cousin.

He was so excited that I had agreed to read him a story, and had eagerly led me to the couch, and settled in close beside me. 251 more words

Go ALL In!

A few weeks ago, our 5 year old son, Tal, looked to be having onset symptoms of a seizure.  He complained about the same area on his head that was radiating back and forth with pain like it had the previous two episodes that sent him to the hospital. 1,243 more words

Sow To Your Spirit