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Child marriage is caused by father's need for alcohol and gambling?


Apparently child marriage is caused by father’s need to gamble and drink. Since there is no child marriage in countries where gambling and drinking is allowed, maybe Pakistan should change these laws in order to save children?


Adopt Comprehensive Sex Education for Adolescents but End Child Marriage ...

A section of the world convened on the 22nd of July 2014 in London for the girl summit in a bid to commit to end child marriage. 1,010 more words

Child Marriage in India

Per Census 2011 India still has the custom of child marriage. 43% girls and 11% boys are subjected to it. A closer look at the data from Census 2011 website shows us this- 187 more words

Social Cause

Join the Movement: Girl Summit 2014

Join the movement to end child marriage and FGM because girls rights are human rights.

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It’s (almost) official! I think I actually have a ticket and am leaving for India and the Philippines for the rest of the summer on Friday. 180 more words


Ethiopia commits to eliminating child marriage and FGM by 2025

The Government of Ethiopia has made a commitment to eliminate child marriage and female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) in Ethiopia by 2025.

His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Demeke Mekonnen announced a package of action at a global summit in London, hosted jointly by the UK government and UNICEF. 760 more words


700 Million Women Were Child Brides, UNICEF Says

UNICEF released staggering new data Tuesday outlining the prevalence of child marriage and genital mutilation that continues to impact hundreds of millions of girls and women around the world. 180 more words