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An empty flat! @Blaze_hair

Mum and little boy aged 3, with the clothes they are standing in and one toy – a cuddly bunny. Mum victim of domestic abuse and had to flee. 84 more words

Child Poverty

Ontario falling behind goal of reducing poverty by 25 per cent by 2013

One in five Ontario children still faces life in poverty, according to a new study.

This remains true despite a pledge in Ottawa, made exactly 25 years ago today, to eliminate child poverty by 2000 and the province’s promise in 2008 to reduce poverty by 25 per cent by 2013. 1,250 more words


Why is “anchoring” the best way to monitor child poverty during an economic crisis?

At times of economic turbulence, the way we measure poverty can make a big difference to the conclusions we draw.

Income poverty across the European Union is conventionally defined as the share of the population whose household income (adjusted for size and composition) after taxes and social transfers is… 483 more words

Child Poverty

25 years since Canada vowed to end child poverty, where are we now?

TORONTO – A new report finds a lack of progress in reducing child poverty in Canada, despite a commitment from members of Parliament more than two decades ago to eradicate child poverty by the year 2000. 1,095 more words


They won't get a Christmas dinner! @Blaze_hair

£100 from a local business will enable the children from this project to have a fantastic time at the carvery for Christmas.

The children have chosen to go for a carvery this year rather than have a Christmas Party, because some of the children will not get a proper Christmas meal!

Child Poverty

The things that dreams are made of! @Blaze_Hair

A family with three kids are struggling. Mum works for an agency doing educational support, which is patchy and not always regular. Dad can’t work as Mum can earn more than him and they have a 3 year old, who’s only at nursery 1-3.30 pm.  227 more words

Child Poverty

Poverty Politics

Poverty is not everywhere. It is, for example, not in the homes of New Zealand’s political class or the majority of those who vote for them. 520 more words