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We had a call for help!

“On the 18th December I had a call for help from a colleague in another service  – a woman with an 11 year old child had no food and nothing at all for Christmas.

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Child Poverty

I’m a little overwhelmed with this, all this I can’t believe it @Blaze_hair

“Well I don’t know how to say this? I’m a little overwhelmed with this, all this I can’t believe it” She started to cry. “I didn’t know there were people who cared, really cared about others in this way.

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Child Poverty

Recent Nova Scotia reports highlight failed system ... but ignore real alternatives

Over the past few weeks, three major reports have been published that address Nova Scotia’s education system, child poverty and tax structure. Together, these reports highlight the degree to which our political, social and economic system is failing. 1,997 more words


My charity video is in a competition!! Would you cats mind voting for it?

I’ve started a new job (more on that later!), and my first project was to make a video featuring the amazing charity I work for – Lifewise. 101 more words

Into Sleep's Embrace

Run with me my friend
into sleep’s embrace
the only place
where the nightmares of life
cannot follow.
Run with me my friend, 
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Hope for Mum! @Blaze_hair

“My depression is now under control. Money is very difficult as I am unable to work. Cally from the project arrived last week with a bag of presents from Operation Santa.

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Child Poverty

Dad has gone! @Blaze_hair

Mum and four little boys, aged 2,4,6 and 8. Dad has done a runner leaving Mum in a lot of debt. She works part-time and with some benefits support, manages to keep them fed and a roof over their heads. 43 more words

Child Poverty