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Getting children out of the gold mines

In Burkina Faso, thousands of children labour in gold mines, seeking to support themselves and their families. A UNICEF-supported project is helping them to get out by teaching them new skills. 80 more words

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Q. What does Magaluf Girl have to do with a single mum from America who was arrested for letting her 9 year old daughter play alone in the park ? A. Almost Everything (that's wrong with the world)

I believe early independence can help prevent teenage rebellion. I believe this so strongly I am going to hold up my hands and admit I let my nearly six year old daughter and her nearly nine year old brother take the dog for a walk, alone – together – in Hackney. 1,148 more words

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Senate backs inquiry into children in out of home care - Exposing horrific sexual abuse

The Senate has supported the Greens call for an inquiry into children taken into care – terms of reference available on Senator Rachel Siewert’s website:  2,342 more words

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State government promises meeting over mandatory child care laws

Townsville Bulletin EMMA CHANNON  July 24, 2014

THE Newman Government has promised to meet with a Townsville couple who have been pushing for mandatory reporting laws for child carers since their grandson was killed. 28 more words

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I Left My Kids With a Babysitter to Go to a Job Interview—And Came Home to Find Them Hungry, Naked, and Locked Up

On a beautiful summer’s day last week, a mother was arrested for letting her daughter play at the park, rather than taking her to McDonald’s. 1,298 more words

Chilling day Special Branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers: 16 MPs' names mentioned in 1984 report on paedophile lobby's influence in Westminster

Chilling day Special Branch swooped to seize ANOTHER dossier on VIP abusers: 16 MPs’ names mentioned in 1984 report on paedophile lobby’s influence in Westminster… 639 more words

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Has Wikipedia Been Running with the Wrong Crowd?

In response to my last post, Captain Obvious came swooping in to point out what had been hiding in plain sight. While I was focussing on the potential dangers of predators lurking in the darkest shadows of the Wikipedia community, I failed to see the very real danger right in front of me: … 519 more words