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Daddy..... the birth of a Father....... a review

Tuhin A. Sinha’s latest book Daddy….. The birth of a Father came to me via PR Pundit. This is the first time I am reading a Tuhin Sinha. 940 more words


How Far Is Too Far When Using Corporal Punishment?

NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Eddie Reeves doesn’t shy away from it: as a child, he says his mother spanked him with switches or tree branches. 547 more words


Suicide prevention: connection matters

A great deal of scientific and social endeavour is expended on preventing suicide. Few losses evoke emotions in others as much as a person’s death by their own hand. 397 more words

Child Psychologist

Parenting Tips From Parents

When a parent who has a well-behaved or naturally easy child gives others parenting advice, I can’t help but think, “This is like a woman giving birth naturally advising others on how a C-section is done.” Just because you did it once (or several times) well in one way doesn’t make you an expert in every birthing situations, especially in more difficult ones. 56 more words