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Over Medicating Children

A woman goes to visit her 8 year old son who has been in a state run mental institution for 5 weeks. He was placed there because the 4 medications they had him on was not controlling his outrageous temper tantrums. 379 more words

Mental Illness

Child Psychology

The child psychology is the most tricky sessions to handle. You never know what they are going to tell you. The love and easy simple tasks during psychology sessions can help to conduct sessions better. Read more…..



Blogger Janet George, M.Ed., Fellow/AOGPE

If you have a learning difference or live with a person who has a learning difference, you struggle with language. Language, according to Webster’s is; … 472 more words

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Conditioning in Parents And Children

Just remember, don’t be obnoxiously obvious about this.

There will be three sections to your paper.
Section 1 – Description of restaurant (including if it has a play area), date and time of observation. 103 more words

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How to Overcome Bad Childhood

The indifferent childhood can lead to very rough life. There are some which comes out of it as they grow older. But most doesn’t know how to come over it. 32 more words


Crazymaking Makes Me Crazy

My son falls asleep watching a movie, sleeps through dessert. He wakes up, I ask him if he is ready for dessert, how is he, etc. 530 more words