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Moral Development Guide: Birth to Age Two

Discussing the morality of your baby may seem ridiculous and, until recently, theorists would have agreed.  We discussed in detail two weeks ago, how past centuries viewed infant morality and how current theorists see it differently.    1,196 more words


Meet Dr. Alexis Resnick! She shares her views on ADD/ADHD and her thoughts about the new children's book, "Where Has Polly Gone?"

We had the pleasure of meeting child psychologist Dr. Alexis Resnick, and we would like to introduce her to you! Due to Dr. Resnick’s great passion for children and focus on ADD/ADHD, she sparked our attention and we knew her thoughts would intrigue our audience. 635 more words

Where Has Polly Gone

Faces in the Dark: a Memoir of Primal Fear

There is fear. And there is primal fear. And seeing a strange face in the window at night looking in at you from outside is as primal as it gets on the terror scale, especially for a small child. 789 more words

The trivial questions in life!

Today I just had a cursory look at my son and it reminded me how he looks exactly what he looked as an infant. Then people used to tell me he looks like me, and now they say he looks like his dad! 296 more words

Human Behaviour

Psychology: Four out of 10 babies do not form a strong enough bond with their parents

  • New Princeton University research shows the importance of parental bonding in the long-run
  • Some 40 per cent of infants are living in fear or distrust of their parents because of a lack of bonding as children…
  • 534 more words

Bagaimana menolong murid saya yang sengau (hypernasal speech) ?

Q:  Salam, saya guru sekolah rendah di kawasan luar bandar. Tahun ni seorang murid saya menghadapi masalah pertuturan iaitu sengau. Menurut ibu murid, murid lahir normal sehingga umur 5 tahun. 710 more words

Bahasa Melayu

What's Wrong with "Wh" Questions? 5 Things and The 5-Word Fix

Your child is falling apart. Another volcanic meltdown, drowning in a tsunami of tears, siren-like screams. If you knew what specifically was wrong, you’d know what specifically could help. 606 more words