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Top 6 Childhood Then and Now

The Champa Tree has compiled a list of top 6 old world charms vs new world’s high-tech pulp. The former has been long forgotten and the later has been driving kids towards a super fast paced life. 506 more words


I received two phone calls in the last several months from “kids” who were at Mohonk as teenagers. One just wanted to touch base and tell me how great his life is now, great job, two kids, and a loving wife. 120 more words

Child Development

Pacifiers Stunt the Emotional Growth of Baby Boys

It’s time to take a close look at the seemingly innocuous pacifier that you proffer to your baby boy each time he becomes restless. The frequent use of pacifiers is found to retard the emotional maturity of boys. 298 more words

Human Relationships

Will We Please Be Nice To Our Children, Please?

When I picked up Plumster from school last night, she said to me, “Mommy, I am very worried.”  Alarmed, I stopped our track, bent down, looked her in the eye and asked her, “Why?  1,324 more words