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Women and Work

There is a poster that confirms the fact that nurturing children, our very successors in this world, is a #1 priority for parents, especially the mothers, who are fitted providentially not just in a physical way, but psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually for that all-important task.   700 more words

A Letter to My Siblings

When you have a baby, you don’t just choose her outfits, you choose her world.

Nerdy English teacher alert. On a personal note, I’m writing today a letter of things on my mind, after spending time with our families over the holidays.

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New Parent

The Old Man's Lessons

The Old Man’s Lessons.  By: Gary Hays

We have all had major influences in our life. Someone who loved us enough to devote their precious time to our delicate development by sharing the wisdom and knowledge of their experiences. 530 more words


Let Them Grow—Let Them Lead The Way

I am a father first!  It is the greatest responsibility bestowed upon man (big picture here) to be parents.  I often ask my three children, “Kids, what is my number one job?”  By now, they have the answer down to a science.  2,522 more words

A Child to Nurture & Train

Today is Christmas Day.

Basically, it is the story about the birth of a child born in Bethelem, not in the maternity home or hospital but in a manger during the Roman government census. 358 more words


How To Survive a Family Vacation

Taking a family vacation during this holiday season? Worried that everything might not be PEACE on EARTH when you get everybody into the car, drive for five hours, and then spend the next week together? 755 more words


Follow-up to All I got for Christmas

As I was driving home the other day, I was listening to NPR on the radio. They were talking about a study done at Harvard University regarding happiness. 167 more words