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If You Are Still In Need of Some Parental Advice...

As my 11-year old son prepared for his first day as a sixth grader, I had begun to think about what I’ve done as a parent to get him to this stage. 2,439 more words

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Wild, wild life..

Dad’s house is surrounded by animals. There is even a giant black snake in it, living in the attic but not coming downstairs.. yet.

I have eagle eyes. 521 more words


My Child-Rearing Philosophy in a Nutshell

As an experienced professional nanny, I am often asked about my philosophy about child rearing. This is a tough subject to speak about, simply because it is so complex! 497 more words


What Should a 4 Year Old Know?

I absolutely love this.  It actually made me cry.  Ive been thinking a lot lately about society and the way we raise children.  There would be a lot less screwed up adults if more parents understood this. 6 more words

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Playing with My Son

In the activeness of play, I realize that Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle is the best. I bought it on sale from Toys R’ Us for $30, Amazon has the cheapest one for $50, … 278 more words

Child Raising

Shaving. How young is too young?

   I was scanning through a homeschool board I am a part of the other day and I noticed a post that caught my eye.  It was a woman who has an eight year old girl and she was asking if eight was too young to shave.  234 more words


Arrows in my hands

I was encouraged, challenged, and convicted when I heard a sermon from Pastor Bill Neil called, Arrows in my hands.

I have 5 children. 3 are biologically mine. 315 more words