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'Tis the season (part 1) -- Social anxiety

I’ve chosen to briefly present a topic related to the holidays every few days as we are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving and will soon be in the thick of the Christmas and Hanukkah seasons. 262 more words

A mother's creed

I am not languishing. I am not deceived. I have a vision. I know who I am and who God created me to be. I know my purpose. 139 more words

Christian Living

Escaping Emotional Bondage

This article was originally published in my column, “Sandra Doran Dialogues,” Adventist Review, December 19, 1996.

Human beings are often on different wavelengths. We think differently. 731 more words


Madeline Louise

“Mama, there’s puppies next door!  Daddy, come see!”  Maggie and Serrah, heralded their news in stereo.  Great. OK, let’s go have a look.”  We were in Bismarck celebrating my younger sister, Carmen, graduating high school, with my family.   592 more words


And If That's How it Affects Mom and Dad, How Does It Affect the Kids. . .?

I just shared a link on my FB page that says a lot about why some marriages work well and others crash and burn. The article is well worth the read:  256 more words


Unite and Conquer

“Mom, daddy says I can have ________ if you say it’s ok.”

Them’s fightin’ words. Let’s see now, if mom says yes, everything is fine and dandy. 289 more words

What we Can Learn From the Comedians


The day before Hurricane Edouard was scheduled to hit New England, several members of my family decided to take a walk down to the beach. 2,332 more words