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Children of abuse: What parents must know about Child Sexual Abuse

If there is any form of sexual crime that is worse than rape, I believe, it is Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). This is not just because the victim is a child, but also because its impact is that much more damaging. 2,120 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

On Betrayal

I’ve been betrayed by everyone I know twice in my life. I don’t mean betrayal like your best friend kissed your boyfriend one night when drunk, but the kind of betrayal that rips your entire life away and shakes the very foundations of everything you know to be true. 1,135 more words

On Being...


I’m introducing this post, because this blogger, Goldfish, is very dear to my heart. She is courageous in ways that go beyond words. She walks through this world, with her head held high and her arms ready to hold those who suffered the way she did.She writes these painful words only in the hopes that she might save someone.  1,657 more words


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