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His condition was updated to "alive"

1990: man mysteriously disappears without a trace.

2000: his grieving wife reluctantly has him declared legally dead, and begins collecting his pension.

2010: man reappears, claiming he had amnesia. 210 more words

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What Is Equitable Distribution?

Dividing property is often one of the greatest challenges when filing for divorce in Florida. It is very easy to get overwhelmed when trying to untangle the complicated financial issues, especially when also confronting the emotional aspects of the process as well. 257 more words


How Non-Marital Property Can Be Converted Into Marital Property

There are a few instances where non-marital property is converted into marital property. This can occur when the non-marital property is retitled from one spouse’s name into both spouses names (i.e. 168 more words


Florida Divorce Without An Attorney

If you have assets to protect or children under age 18, you should seek legal counsel before filing for divorce. However, if you and your spouse are splitting amicably and you’re not fighting over property or kids, you may be able to file for divorce without an attorney. 48 more words


Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights Vacated for Applying Wrong Four-Month Period: In re A.S.C.

Facts: After what Mother described as a “fling thing” with Father, Mother gave birth to Child in March 2009. Father saw Child at the hospital when Child was born but never saw Child again. 798 more words

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When the chips are down

Over the past month, I have found that I have not been as faithful to my followers as I normally am. I have not been faithfully posting and sharing, encouraging, motivating and, purging myself of my day-to-day ins and outs and I apologize. 659 more words

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