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4DCA: Reverses Order Domesticating Italian Divorce Decree

Reversing an order on a petition to domesticate an Italian divorce decree and sought enforcement of child support, the Fourth District reversed and held that the Italian divorce decree, on its face, did not grant or deny child support but rather eluded to a separate agreement between the parties and the former wife did not present that separate agreement to the trial court. 21 more words

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Bare. Naked. Cleansed, fresh, and new...

In the presence of God, bare and naked….. at the center of the four corners of the walls, and down on bended knee and head bowed in prayer, I say “God, what is it that I am to do”, “How should I serve your graciously in your kingdom”, and “Where is my place, home, and destiny” and how can I travel and arrive there?  203 more words

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Gifts from Family Included in Gross Income for Child Support in Sumner Co., TN: Howell v. Howell

Facts: Mother and Father divorced after 12 years of marriage.

The proof at trial showed Mother received eight separate gifts of money from her parents over a seven month period after the parties’ separation. 516 more words

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What can I do if my former spouse keeps taking me back to court in Georgia?

It can be extremely frustrating to have to go to family court to litigate issues such as child support and child visitation. This is especially true if your ex takes you to court numerous times over similar issues. 339 more words


Surrendering to your heart

“When you have compassion and surrender to your own heart, you are surrendering to the hidden power in your heart, God. You are surrendering to love, because God is Love, the cohesive force of the universe that connects us all. 71 more words


Getting over a broken heart

“My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It’s happened before, it will happen again, I’m sure. 22 more words

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Can a Separation Agreement be changed after Judgment?

It is unclear what you are referring to when you say “Separation Agreement”. MA does not recognize legal separations;it does however allow for actions for Separate Support. 221 more words