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Two Years

Two years ago, about this time, I was in a situation that millions of american women face every day. I was fighting an annoyed hospital staff for the right to give birth the way I wanted to, and the way I knew my body was capable. 1,466 more words

Birth Story: A Few Reflections

In my birth story there wasn’t space to share the resources that helped us to prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for this marathon!  So I thought I’d share those here. 328 more words

Birth & Babies

April Showers

Well, the snow & ice melted over the last week.  Sunday & Monday…it got sunny and warm, close to 80F.  Benefits? Getting outside, green grass and mud-free solid ground for the dog to enjoy.  


Short-term tocolytics for preterm delivery - current perspectives

Citation: Haas DM, Benjamin T, Sawyer R, Quinney SK.Int J Womens Health. 2014 Mar 27;6:343-349. eCollection 2014

Administration of short-term tocolytic agents can prolong pregnancy for women in preterm labor. 94 more words


Hidden in Plain Sight

Want to hear something funny?

I wrote an essay on Symbiosis, Time, and Family that ran in Mutha Magazine today. Last week, the editor asked me to send some pictures to illustrate the essay, and so I began scrolling through all my photographs from the last year or so. 378 more words


Is The Lamestream Media Waking Up To The Faux War On Women?

How about a salad instead, sweetheart

Since this is the week of the Blood Moon, it could just be something in the air, but both… 402 more words

Liberal "Logic"

Rock Your First Birth

Addressing your labor and delivery fears makes you more confident—and better able to use the techniques you learned in childbirth class.

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