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Chinese hire U.S. surrogates

Childless Chinese couples are turning to hire American surrogates, which help them to get around a ban on surrogacy in China, as well as the country’s birth limits. 180 more words

A quiz for life

As a big supporter of the work of Partners in Health, I’d like to pass along this message I just received from them.  Take their quiz and 50 cents goes toward saving the lives of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth in countries like Haiti, Malawi, Lesotho, and other developing nations.  129 more words


Abortion - Yet another opinion piece

I had to write this, I always keep going to and then never quite do. I’ve deleted so many drafts already. So with the Josie Cunningham story all over Twitter I thought I’d try again. 885 more words


Throwback: The Birth (aka How My Definition of Love Changed Forever)

I’m posting my Throwback Thursday post a day early in honor of my son’s sixth birthday. The original blog was posted on MySpace just a couple of weeks after his birth. 1,614 more words

Life As I Know It

Birthing a Dream

If you know me, or if you have read Tallulah‘s Birth Story on this page, then you know that I am extremely passionate about and grateful for the work my doula did in preparing me for Lu’s birth. 121 more words


Sarah and Isaac

Sarah arose early in the morning. She looked out and saw Abraham saddling the donkey as though for a journey. Later he came in and said, “God has commanded me to bring Isaac up to a mountain that he will show me, there to offer a sacrifice.” Sarah watched them ride off together.

Navel-Gazing & Poetic Observation


More April Showers

We had our second big rain of the spring yesterday (and today, apparently). Fortunately it was a warm day, and the sun peeked out long enough for a good rainbow sighting.