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Preschool 101: Finding the right fit for your child

By Sarina Behar Natkin

I remember the moment I realized preschool had become a very big deal. My oldest daughter was about three months old and we were at the first session of a parent-infant class. 1,754 more words

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3 Tips for Child Safety Online

These days more and more kids are getting online. From internet usage at school, to getting their own smartphone, almost every child in America today has been exposed to the internet at some point. 230 more words

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Rainy Saturday Miniature Golf

This weekend some of the Lexington au pairs got together for our monthly cultural activity. We had hoped to meet at a park and enjoy the summer weather, but threatening rain and high humidity forced a change of plans. 173 more words

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Meeting Peers in a New Home

Most of us have had the experience at some point in our lives of starting over in a new city. For some there were moves as children, others it was going away for college, and some like me didn’t leave their hometown until they were adults. 288 more words

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Finding Flexibility survey 2014

By Richard Dunstan

Earlier this week, Working Families launched our Parents of Disabled Children Survey 2014. The survey, which in 2012 led to our influential… 804 more words


Permanent position in September...

Woohoo! A permanent position in September. I have the official letter as proof! (I keep pinching myself to make sure I’m awake and it’s real) 47 more words


Explorers Videos

Each day at our Explorers clubs is designed to be an adventure, full of exciting new activities, creativity and inspiration for your little ones. We want children to have fun, make new friends and have experiences they’ll remember. 96 more words