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What I miss out on

My previous post was rather upbeat and positive (how terribly unlike me, she scowls), so I just wanted a little strop about how having a baby (or any caring responsibilities) makes it… 579 more words

Grim Cheepers

Today Myra-Jean was a lammergeier.

What the hell is that, you ask? I have no idea. Or hadn’t, until today. Turns out it’s a bird. Otherwise known as a… 488 more words


There Are Children In My House

I have no clue why but I just pulled out my earphones and then suddenly I hear the blood curdling screams of children that have had far too much sugar. 193 more words


Daycare at the Y: "Little Things Week"

The Meadowlands Area YMCA daycare celebrated

“Little Things Week” by making “Bug Pizzas”.

Pita, cheese, mushrooms, and peppers were some of the healthy ingredients that we used to make this delicious treat! 11 more words

The Y

Childcare - the first fortnight

A fortnight has passed since Alethea enrolled into childcare. A month ago, we were notified that the childcare centre opposite our block was opening a new toddler class and that we were eligible. 337 more words


Turning Testosterone Around in Childcare

I talked recently in one of my workshops about some of the ways testosterone affects boys on a physical and emotional level. In this post I will give a short-list of some of those, and over the next several days offer suggestions for ways childcare providers can turn the power of “T” to their advantage. 420 more words

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