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Fucking Disgusting Kmart/Joe Boxer Ad

Yeah, I’m still alive unfortunately. Hopefully not too much longer.

Alas, I just had to do a blog about this fucking disgusting ad by Kmart/Joe Boxer. 193 more words


In Praise of Jennifer Aniston and Other 'Selfish' Childfree Women

As Christmas approaches, I find myself thinking about a monumental turkey: Jennifer Aniston’s 2010 rom-com The Switch. The movie also featured a turkey baster, deployed by Aniston’s character—a single, 40-something, sadly childless woman—to achieve something akin to an immaculate conception. 977 more words

Vaccinate Your Children

Although I don’t want kids of my own, it doesn’t stop me from having an opinion on yours, at least when it comes to vaccinations. Before you try to rip me a new asshole, remember that I’m a medical professional. 82 more words


Quick Update On How It's Been Going

So in my last post I talked about practicing Wicca more actively. And honestly, I’ve been taking baby steps. There’s a few reasons for that. To begin with I don’t want to wear myself out by doing a ritual every morning/night. 632 more words


It's a free country!

let’s stop giving shit to women who don’t want kids

I feel like this is another good summary of why I don’t want kids. Really, it’s not for everyone.

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