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Approaching the menopause - my Second Spring

This week’s blog has been hijacked by increasingly unavoidable signs (menstrual cycle length, acne, flushing) that I am entering the phase known as perimenopause: the years leading up to the menopause when one’s hormonal balance starts shifting. 727 more words

Disability and Childlessness: It's Complicated

I am disabled. I am childless. For a long while, I identified as childless by choice. In a way, it is a choice, because I do not experience reproductive problems that I know of. 370 more words


A dog is NOT a substitute baby!!

Every now and then trend spotting stories like this article appears in American media trying to stir controversy and generate heated comments.

According to this article published last week, more and more young, educated women in New York are choosing dogs over kids. 761 more words


On Googling Exes

The other day I did an online search for some ex-boyfriends. Afterwards I felt like I’d just binged on candy: hollow inside, and with an acidic taste in my mouth. 190 more words

Child Free and Happy!

I’m not really sure why I’m even writing this blog post. It’s not really anybody’s business but mine – and my partner’s I guess. I seem to be at the age where I get a neverending stream of comments about my refusal to settle down, get married and raise a family. 906 more words


Getting a Dog Is Practice for...

“…being a mom to another puppy.”

Thank you, Sister Christina Hendricks.

Speaking of Christina Hendricks, did anyone else think that the Mad Men final season opener was on the strange side? 12 more words


The Dreaded Favourite Book 3: The Graceling Trilogy by Kristin Cashore

I’m kind of cheating here a bit, picking a trilogy. But the Graceling trilogy by Kristin Cashore is just THAT GOOD!

I actually read Fire first, as I picked it up when I was a Kids manager. 728 more words