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The Lifelong Loss of a Due Date and Still Choosing to Be Ever Upward

August 31st, 2012

The day we dreamed our first child (or children, as we transferred two embryos) were to be born. We would have hoped to welcome one or two babies into the world around this time. 638 more words


Childfree Voices September Question: When Does A Child Become An Adult?

What makes an adult and adult? Now that might seem like an easy question. Most of your minds go immediately to whatever the age of majority is in your local jurisdiction (say, 18,) or maybe legal age of consent. 88 more words


Exclusive Look at Chapter 1 of Ever Upward

I am so thankful to Baby Hopeful for their feature on Ever Upward. If you just can’t wait for the October 1st release date, you can read the first 1000 words of Chapter 1~Conceiving Our Chosen Family… 394 more words


Internet High Five to Jennifer Aniston: Women Making Our Own Dreams

Jennifer Aniston became my hero a couple days ago when she was interviewed by Carson Daly and she stated that she doesn’t have a checklist for her life, and she does not need to define her womanhood by marriage or procreating. 788 more words


Pregnant Sibling Rant

So I come back here to vent some frustrations even though I said I wouldn’t be posting here anymore. As it is, Dignitas outright denied me (fuck those sorry bureaucratic pieces of shit) so I guess I might have a few more posts left in me, though I’m not entirely sure this one won’t push me over the edge to try to find some pretty sure-fire ways to take matters into my own hands so to speak.  313 more words


Review of Ever Upward Chapter 4 - Choosing Change

After reading Chapter 3 – Owning Adoption from Justine Brooks Froelker upcoming book Ever Upward: Overcoming the Lifelong Losses of Infertility to Own a Childfree Life… 342 more words


When We Become a Mother or Father

A deep knowing breath.

The warmth of a soul scar healing just a bit more.

A sense of truth, understanding and validation.

This is just a tiny sense of what I felt when I read these words from  563 more words