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Dream Symbol: Childhood Home

Exploring The “Childhood Home” Dream Symbol

When you revisit your childhood home in your dreams think about the role that you played there as a child. 286 more words

Dream Interpretation

Bieber's childhood home (bed included) up for grabs

TORONTO — Justin Bieber fans can sleep in his childhood bedroom — for almost $280,000.

The pop star’s grandparents are selling the Stratford, Ont. bungalow in which they helped raise him. 127 more words


[PICTURES] YOU Could Own Justin Bieber's Childhood Home

Do YOU want to sleep in Justin Bieber‘s bed?!

Well now is your chance.

Justin Bieber — Sniff My Pillow … For $279K!: If you wanna lay your head on Justin Bieber's pillow … or e… …

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Rambling on returning to DCA (not a poem 😉)

I thought I would miss this place when I picked everything up and moved across the country.
I was so sure that I would ache for my childhood home–haunted by both memories and actual ghosts. 288 more words

11/7 animal rescue, presents, and tough decisions

I am in a small town. Sherri (my best friend) and I are driving around town. We pass an owl that is trapped by some cord at the top of a fence. 811 more words


10/26/14 Father is here.

I am at my childhood home. My dad is there. He tries to molest me again. I try to fight him off. I punch and punch and kick but he keeps trying to touch me. 108 more words

Childhood Home

Childhood nightmares

I was being taken to my parents work. There was a giant cheetah climbing up the side of the building. The Cheetah kidnapped my dad. There was a note in my mom’s car. 173 more words

Childhood Home