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Open Heart Surgery

I’m the most skillfully patched out of all of us, and I’m the baby. I wrote that line many, many months ago. A sliver of a conversation with Sara or Jessy or KelseaMae– someone. 215 more words


Steven F. Freeman’s Ruthless-The Blackwell Files 2

I was given this book for the purposes of a fair review.

Alton Blackwell is back. It’s been nine months since the incident with the Rabinol vaccine. 149 more words

Book Apprasials

A Perfect Saturday

It was a fun Saturday! I went North with my sister to visit family and we decided to make a stop at each of our childhood homes. 201 more words


Childhood home. Writing 101, Day 11

I grew up in a house in the city. By the I mean NYC. My mom, brother and I lived in a house in a row of historical houses. 266 more words

Free Writing

5 Steps To An Empty House

My mother loved her little collections of things.  Her hall closet stored the vacuum cleaner and functioned as the art gallery for our childhood masterpieces, along with a skeleton that never made it back in the Halloween decoration box.  510 more words

End Of Life

Size does matter

Tell me about your childhood home, specifically where were you living at the age of twelve?

I loved that house so much. My life was a mass of confusion at twelve though. 301 more words


Day Eleven--I believe I did a post like this before.

Tell us about the home where you lived when you were twelve. Which town, city, or country? Was it a house or an apartment? A boarding school or foster home? 1,007 more words

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