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Easter Bunnies!

Happy Easter!

I love Easter Bunnies!

We lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma when I was a child, and we had two rabbits as pets. I don’t remember whether we got them as babies, but they were cherished pets for many years. 116 more words

Special Holidays

Happy Easter and Don't Forget to Take your Vitamins

In the monthly account of the days leading up to my birth, I now bring you April, 1964

Flashback to my dear mother, just about to turn 22; 4 months pregnant with the child who would later be known as her favorite (first-born) child  – me.  914 more words

Childhood Memories

Easter Memories

For someone who has no memories of believing in Santa Claus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have no memories of believing in the Easter bunny either. 720 more words


Easter Obligatory Holiday Post

So it’s Easter. I wanted to write something inspirational, but I feel like I’ve been going through an overhaul, so instead I provide a lovely childhood anecdote. 1,072 more words

Daily Anecdotes

G'morning David!

Just what was that annoying kid yelling in his strident Scottish accent? You’ve already shouted good morning to your friend once, twice, and more, how many times do you have to shout to him, why don’t you just shut-up? 454 more words

Childhood Memories

Chili Spaghetti

This recipe reminds me of Azar’s Big Boy Restaurant’s Chili Spaghetti that I loved to eat as a young girl growing up in northern Indiana.  I don’t know how far the Azar’s chain reached, but there were several within an hour of my hometown.   429 more words

Good Food