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Afraid Of Mice

When I was little, I was very afraid of mice. This came as a result of negative experiences, a few of which I will share. 894 more words

Childhood Memories

In honour of my therapist

I owe a great deal to my psychologist and psychiatrist. They are amazing people and although I know I pay them to help me, that’s not the point for me. 108 more words


on the joy of delayed gratification

As a child, my parents dragged me through antique stores on a regular basis. My siblings and I did not enjoy it. They smelled bad, they were filled with dusty things we couldn’t identify, and they were full of breakable objects we couldn’t touch. 1,271 more words

Reminiscing on Childhood Memories

There are moments where you look back at the life you used to lead as a happy go lucky free-willed child who could not be tamed. 233 more words


The Storm Approaches

Awake at dawn, I step out of our tent into a perfect July morning. The temperature hovering in the mid-60’s, a thin, misty fog covers much of the lake, the sun is just climbing over the hill to the east, and it begins to burn a hole through the magical veil of vapor. 999 more words

Observations From The Soft Chair

Candid Camera

If you are a certain age this TV show evokes fond memories of hilarity that ensued when unknowing participants were pranked so their reaction could be caught on camera. 261 more words

General Interest

Making the Most of Summer

I just keep thinking how time is slipping through my fingers and before I know it we will be starting school.  I love the structure that comes with a school year but at the same time we are so busy with everyone’s activities that we lose the much-needed time to connect some weeks.   107 more words