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Life isn’t fair

These are real people that I’m going to write about, but I’m not going to use their real names.

Elsie and Elizabeth were already quite elderly when we knew them; the story of their earlier life was told to us by others. 728 more words

Faith And Life

Speak Out Until They Listen

Julie glanced at her phone; her heart stopped.

The text message read: “There’s no way he abused you. You’re lying, and you need to stop.” 941 more words


Childhood Sexual Abuse: Arrested Development

For me, the most painful part of the sexual abuse I endured as a child is my arrested emotional development.

Let me explain.

Up until age nine, I was a normal kid… 959 more words

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

work of releasing sorrow

Every time I cry hard enough to make a noise, I feel my father’s fingers drill into the soft muscles between my upper and lower jaws. 27 more words


x114 (maybe: a radical thought)

I’ve been taking Everyday Feminism’s Everyday Self-Love course to help improve my self-esteem, which is… well, it’s kind of in the shitter. I can’t ever remember having good self-esteem. 637 more words

Mental Health

Having fun is a lot of work.

This week I was fortunate enough to go on vacation with my partner. Finally five days for just the two of us and the other one hundred thousand people at Disney. 399 more words

Recovering Repressed Memories

I’ve included this post along the main menu at the top as it’s pretty vital. I know that reading other people’s stories was invaluable to me when I started to recover repressed memories (more has come back to me since the original post in 2012). 26 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse