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Loving My Inner Child

“We are weak whenever we are disconnected from our Inner Child, abdicating responsibility for ourselves and acting from the fears and beliefs of the ego.”  -Healing Your Aloneness…

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FINALLY in touch with anger!

So I’ve been in group therapy for over two years now.  I’ve been through roughly these stages:

1) remembering what happened in my past (abuse, neglect etc etc) 44 more words


Childhood Sexual Abuse Raises Heart Disease Risk In Adulthood

Sexual and physical abuse during childhood can have long term effects on both mental and physical health, and previous studies have linked childhood sexual abuse to a greater risk of heart attack and other heart events—but it has been unclear exactly why. 407 more words

x113 (inconvenience)

Isn’t it sad, that I, the survivor, am the one worrying about “inconveniencing” people?

I don’t want to sleep in the house where it happened because it’s triggering. 126 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Forgiveness, Love and Transformation As Seen Through Ego's Eyes

Forgiveness of my father brings up resentment that I never really had a father.

First, I resented that he hurt me, then I resented that I had to do all the work (of forgiving), then forgiveness meant letting go, and letting go was hard because I feel like I never fucking had anything from him. 757 more words


What Does all this MEAN?

Today I came home and hit the punching bag. Only after I physically exhausted myself and caused myself some pain from hitting the bag was I able to release like…2 micro sized tears. 1,005 more words



I am really struggling here. My feelings are here. They are telling me that they want to be heard. They need to come out. I need to feel the tears and the pain and the fear of that little girl. 975 more words