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Kids style of being fashionable

“I will not wear this … I want to wear that only…. This is not fitting me…. It hurts me when I wear it …..” 542 more words

How My Diary Evolved

When I was six years old, my English teacher required us to write a Journal and submit it every Wednesday for checking. Well, I wanted to make mine special so at the top of every entry, I would write Dear {English Teacher’s Name} and also decorate my journal such that it stands out from the rest. 807 more words


a desire to stop participating in my own undoing

I had to stop my husband from continuing last night in his reading of the narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. I stopped him at the place where after surviving almost being buried alive on board a ship, starvation, thirst, a mad dog, murderous mutineers, and being lashed to the deck of a ship through a relentless gale-hurricane, Arthur Gordon Pym, half-crazed with starvation and thirst, at last thinks he is being rescued when a ship approaches. 472 more words


Story Time

Thwack, thwack!
My grandfather crouches outside on the porch, hacking at a coconut with a machete, bare chested and impossibly tan
His face is lined and rough, so is the rest of him, and he is red like the marbling of those rocks I see in movies, the ones in Arizona and New Mexico that cowboys always chase the Indians through… 1,956 more words


Akshaya Patra~ Photo story for #BlogToFeedAChild

Bachpan~A photostory 

{an attempt to find lost child hood, protect and nurture it for better life- with Akshaya Patra}


Somewhere in India- our country, … 233 more words

Commuter's Rage..

Clear-That Fear (149)

Not a moment to miss-

To enjoy the season, to change those words, to practice.