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Random Musing: A Lover With Ringworm

I was dad’s pet, he gave me the name Ajifa. (Ajifa means gold.) With him around I could get anything and everything I wanted. Well, I think this was because I was the youngest child then, my younger brother was still in the womb. 449 more words

Frisky Friday

Bears, bad-ass juveniles, and pregnant moons (my writing journey)


My psychologist in primary school had these cards with pictures of bears on them. There were bears of all types. There were angry bears, happy bears, small bears, muscular bears, mother bears. 928 more words



If things go as planned I’m about to uproot myself and move 3000 miles across the country to a place I’ve never been, where I know no one. 183 more words


Pretty, Peas: 3 Kid Summer Survival Strategies

Our version of Bedford Falls enjoys beautiful, long and mild springs. Here spring fever is an alluring bedfellow and we bask in it.

But then our spring tires of us, becomes crabby and transforms into a vengeful summer. 783 more words


The quietness

It is quiet now.

The quietness makes me feel uneasy at times. I have a wariness that follows me around everywhere I go. I appear calm and peaceful on the outside, going about my day to day activities just like everyone else.  104 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin'

It had been a mixed-bag sort of day to day in Lincolnshire.  The day started badly with grey skies and a lot of rain and by lunchtime I wrote the day off as a wash out, cancelled golf and prepared for a long afternoon.  662 more words