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Often during my
sleepless nights,
I pay homage
to the days that were.

Where I believed
in right and wrong,
where there was
a plan all along. 62 more words


Three Uses For Rudolph's Nose (2011)

1. To make children laugh.
2. To guide Santa.
3. To encourage you to use the Bing search engine.
The will-
To follow a Microsoft commercial.


Review: Audacious Escapades in the Fabulous Columbia River Gorge ~ Marc E. Paulsen

ISBN ~ 978-0977473717
Publisher ~ Marc Paulsen Press
No. Of Pages ~ 124 pages
Links ~ Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s Books

Marc Paulsen has had a lifelong infatuation with the marvelous Gorge of the Columbia River, partly from many unique experiences on and near the old highway and also from his belief that the Columbia Gorge ranks among the world’s natural wonders. 536 more words

No Spoiler Reviews

Three For The Oil Boom (2011)

1. Jobs.
2. More oil.
3. Higher rents.
For the North Dakota elderly, to see.


Relish Cranberries!

When a former Fox suggested this week’s topic, “Your Favorite Recipe”, she added, “one for Tonette!” Little did she know how I groaned at seeing it. 502 more words

Three To Wish For In Multitudes (2014)

1. Bread.
2. Winning lottery numbers.
3. The Chris Brake Show Doodles.
No doubt-
It is just plain fun figuring them out.


Asian Girl Problem #113: Two Loose Screws Short of an Eating Disorder

Some of my oldest, closest friends told me that they know very little about my food anxieties and the extent of control they have on my everyday life. 625 more words