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Older and Frailer

I avoid thinking about my childhood

Unless someone asks me to tell them

Why I am the way I am

And then I’m forced to… 125 more words


Victory or Death

” . . . I shall never surrender or retreat. Victory or Death.” William Barret Travis.

Those are some damn bold words, if I do say so myself. 516 more words

Daily Inspirations, I Say That Laughingly . . .

To My Prince and Queen: Do Not Be Afraid

To my children, my Prince and my Queen,

This week you returned back home from spending the summer with your grandparents. For eight weeks, you engaged in what so many of our people have done for generations: spent the summers unburdened by camps and activities in order to spend time with your extended family, surrounded by the love of folks who knew you before you even took your first breath. 1,049 more words


Three That Humans Do (2014)

1. Crawl.
2. Walk.
3. Fly.
The art of aviation-
Has always been a sensation.


Three Ways To Know That You're Dissatisfied With Your Cable Service (2007)

1. You frown.

2. You complain.

3. You take a hammer to their office.
The elderly woman could only take so much-
Until she ended up wielding her own special touch.


First Encounters

I met “Joe” about six months ago. He’s a US Marine currently serving in the reserves and he just moved in nearby.

Joe loves guns. He hunts. 720 more words


Lac Perdu

The dreams of others are always dull,
worse than slide-shows from another country.

There is no morphean travelogue where dreamers browse,
no place to catalog the drowned towns and cormorant castles. 111 more words