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I'm with the band.

Laura didn’t have an imaginary friend. But she did have a series of Take That dolls that were entirely representative of their real life counterparts when they whispered sweet nothings to her. 21 more words

All Hallows

I have been told that in America children go out on Hallowe’en to “Trick or Treat” in their neighbourhood. Nowadays, with the americanizing of almost everything, our children talk about going out at Hallowe’en and calling at houses demanding “Trick or Treat.” It seems every house now buys bags of Haribo sweets and fun-size bars, fruits and nuts to be shared out among all the children who will call at the door dressed in a variety of costumes. 1,736 more words


The New That Happened To Unfold-From The Old # 459

Paying into Social Security, for old age, to be spent-
Turning into a goverment, “hand-out”, entitlement?


Wordless Wednesday - Pumpkin Carving Fun!

Allow me to introduce you to the amazing, never before seen Curious George mini-pumpkin!  (Courtesy of my two-year-old son…)

Here’s one side of my Batman pumpkin… sadly, this bat almost flew away (had to hold it down with toothpicks…) 23 more words

Art Of Relationship

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Buku ini jauuuuh dibawa Milla dari Jepun sana pas dia kuliah tiga tahun lalu. Titip karena oh karena susye yaaaah waktu itu nyarinya.  Jadi udah nyari ke segala toko buku favourit dan waktu itu belum terlalu dekat dengan online shop buku impor, akhirnya satu-satunya cara titip sama yang di luar. 520 more words

Yummy DIY Costume #3 and #4

Today’s a double dose, because I just realized how close Halloween is! OH BOY!

For the cost of a couple packages of balloons and some safety pins, you can make a couple different costumes. 135 more words



An undercover area in a primary school on a sumptuous day
It has a floor of bitumen and steel girders hold up an orange roof of steel… 156 more words