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October 23rd

My drama teacher saw my play and she loved it :) I can’t wait for the big day. I showed it to my friends, and acted in front of them to get rid of the nervousness of performing in front of people and they thought it was phenomenal! 36 more words

The new FCKH8 anti-sexism video makes me feel... Uncomfortable

For those of you who haven’t seen the latest anti-sexism video from FCKH8, it is somewhat strange. Normally, I really support anything that pushes equal rights for women and raises women’s issues, but this video makes me feel really uneasy. 250 more words


An Ode to My Favorite Kids' Show

My kids are obsessed with the TV show Peppa Pig. In case you are not familiar with it, which is likely unless you also have small children, it’s a British series about a family of pigs and the other animal families they are friends with, and it centers around 4-year-old Peppa and her little brother, George. 466 more words


Diwali, yes the festival of lights and sound, is here and I’m excited because that means we get a holiday.

It’s been a weird week. My brain is playing this silly game and I’m caught between feeling extremely happy and sad. 367 more words


Three Tiny (2014)

1. Tim.
2. Newborn.
3. The sun.
A partial eclipse, today, a no-fail-
At sunset, to look like a fingernail.


Growing Up in an Alcoholic Home

Good Morning.

This blog is going to be my cheap form of therapy. Something to get my life, my frustrations, my stress out in the open. 404 more words


I'm Featured on The Sisterwives!

Today I’m over at The Sisterwives sharing a childhood memory. It’s beautiful in a rips-out-your-soul-and-punches-you-right-in-the-feels kind of way. I’m pretty proud if it.

Click here to read my story, The Special Orange Juice. 184 more words