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Three Tests (2014)

1. Math.

2. Driving.

3. Meat.


A label to find-

Containing meat, of a different kind.


Three That Comes Cheap (2014)

1. Dress on sale.

2. Some grocery stuff.

3. Kindness.


Doesn’t cost a dime-

Time after time.


Three Ongoing (2014)

1. TV lineup.

2. Tasks and chores.

3. Oil spill cleanup.


An endeavor-

That unfortunately goes on forever.


The Need-To Read (124)

An ending to read and see-

What a glorious wrap up to be.



Three For Relaxing (2014)

1. Break.

2. Recess.

3. Fill your mind with magic.


Relaxation up ahead-

Every time a book is read.


Three For Good Friday (2014)

1. They are off.

2. You are off.

3. We are ALL off.


So please try and not get upset-

When you cannot get your nails done, 6 more words


4/17: Little Tykes

Little Tykes

Holding a glass of milk with two hands
while I drink doesn’t just make me look childish
it makes me feel like a child, 161 more words