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one street over

mother is smoking cigarettes

on her front stoop throne

summer has turned the

cracked concrete into a stove top

where I pan fry my childhood… 101 more words


Caramel girl.

I was always a happy kid. At the age of 7 my life was sort of different than most of the other kids. I constantly shifted schools (like I’ve mentioned in my other piece of writing which you could read… 444 more words

French Toast nostalgia

First of all, Hi to my new followers!

I was planning to visit Roath Craft Market this morning but  my cold (second one this Winter already!) has made me re-think that decision. 267 more words


Happy To Be Humpty!!

No matter, how great moments we come across while growing up, nothing can be as sweeter as our childhood memories. The first day in my school was of course one of the sweetest memory I will cherish throughout life. 540 more words


Childhood: Rhymes and memories.

Childhood days- Indeed they were the best days of our life. There was no tension, dreams were flying high, possibilities had no limits, ever! Super- heroes were god, and studies were entertainment and fun. 578 more words

Eavesdropping: Gloom and Doom

I like eavesdropping, When I am on the train or out in a cafe I find it fascinating to catch a brief insight into someone else’s life. 853 more words


sweet tooth

At age seven, I was not the type of kid who believed in tooth fairies. After an hour at the dentist, my mother would treat me to ice cream to dull the lingering pain in my gums, till I forgot the hollow space where my tongue licked air. 208 more words