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Santhana Gopala Pooja in Chennai

 Temples for Childless Couples РDivyadesam 109

The most frequent reason why married couples remain childless is that they will have the so called Sarpa dosham or the Naga dosham, which an individual may or may not know about. 486 more words

Sri Vaishnava Temples


I have found the kindest, most generous people to be strangers.  Yesterday, I walked down to the gas station to get a soda for a coworker.   139 more words

Flip the Script On The Anti-Whites Vikings! Enage in Civil Disobedience.


Amren comment made in response to the above link:

That’s been my idea for years now….Whites need to quit their jobs, go on the dole, and start cranking out adorable White babies. 290 more words

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I have only recently become aware of how much class consciousness there is among the wealthier group of White persons. They look down upon and probably even hate poor and lower class whites. Look at the stereotyping of White southerners as ignorant, lazy hillbillies, for example. Many White persons are too into materialism to follow the advice in Viking Bitch's short post, but events may overtake them. More and more White families are having to cut their standard of living because of job outsourcing, affirmative action, legal and illegal immigration. Many White families may end up collecting food stamps and other benefits, but not as part of a deliberate strategy. As to having children, the sad fact is that high taxes make it difficult for young White families to have kids. Those taxes go to pay for the insane wars and the insane breeding practices of minorities. There's a video on Amren that shows a black woman with 15 children demanding that Whites pay for their upkeep. She's only 30 years old, so she's still got a dozen or more kids fermenting in her filthy womb. This is the situation the middle and lower working class White family finds itself in: Debt slavery, no money, paying for minority women to breed even more children. It's a disaster that the Marxists in Washington are foisting off on us. Resist. Defy. Demand better.