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Divergent, Treading in the tracks of the tiger.

Dreams provide us with vital information. When I was a substitute child care worker at Trinity School in Ukiah, an eight-year-old boy woke me up in the middle of the night. 1,493 more words


The Great Smoking Mirror reflects our true self

On Facebook a young woman recently stated she was tired of her ex-lover’s lies, abuse, and false promises. These were reasons she ended her relationship with the handsome younger man she ran off with a couple of years ago. 1,090 more words

Sacred Ceremonies

Another Coyote Tale

The Raven surprised me with his comment. “I read your blog post. More than the content, what I noticed is that you are engaged”. … 3,227 more words


Saturday of Souls, Baseball, and flashing Boots

Saturday of Souls is a time to remember those who have passed into the spirit world. Coffee and a sticky bun was my first stop on my way to the two hour long service. 437 more words

Mentoring Men


Sometimes a crash course of intense work makes a revolutionary breakthrough.  It depends upon the character of the individual and his motivation.  Ten years ago I met the young father whose rage has been a problem for him and his relationships.  335 more words


The Car Pool

When the unconscious speaks through us, it is time to pay attention.  This communication from the spirit might be in a Freudian slip of the tongue or an overwhelming attraction to another person.  2,481 more words

Child/Parent Relationship

Winter's Tale, the Magic of Projection

Perhaps the best example of love’s magic is the relationship between Peter and Beverly in Winter’s Tale.  He is a handsome man, a thief, an orphan, and street wise charmer of New York City.  511 more words

Carl Jung