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The Accidental Homemaker: Embracing Motherhood and Marriage

If anyone were to tell me that I would move to New York City and leave with a husband, a daughter and a new religion, not only would I have considered you somewhat crazy, but a total killjoy. 940 more words




(1990′s | therapese?, academese (education)? | “serve as a model of or for,” “exemplify”)

Here is a verb that has turned right around in the last thirty years. 713 more words


Passionate Parenting, by Cary Schmidt, a review by Susan Karsten

If you have children, and they are in, or nearing their teens, you will want this book (if you read). One of the absolute best books on this topic I have EVER read. 22 more words


Day Nine, Year Zero: Munchkinland

“Munchkinland!” my brother exclaims as he tickles my niece, who is not quite two years old. She is one of those kids who are so adorable you want to bite their cheeks, and like most kids, she has quite an internal battery pack. 392 more words


Uppsala anna

Let’s face it.  I sit here because I feel like writing will save me somehow.  My whole life I have thought about writing.  Enjoyed writing.  Used it as a way to release stress, to remember poignant moments in my life.  302 more words


May Day

A wounded bird, trying

to nurse back.

Leave me be.

Walk around me

Don’t engage me.

I’ll get my chores done, the kids,

the house, dinner.  39 more words


On the Capacity to be Alone (Post for Independence Day)

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I recall that in college there was an idea of studying together. If a young couple, or a group of friends, wanted to spend time together, one thing they would do was to study together. 1,393 more words

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