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A baby changes everything, and nothing.

She’s here; she arrived early on an April morning and it’s true what they say – life is not the same.  Thank God for FMLA, and I wish we had European-length maternity leave in the US!  752 more words

Spiritual Life

Duct tape, cardboard and imagination, the perils of building a playhouse

A few weeks ago, DW related a story from mumsnet about how someone’s child wrapped their head in duct tape.

Well, here I am having a similar experience, DD2 wanted a playhouse built out of cardboard boxes, well I set to, with gusto, cutting, taping, cutting, taping. 49 more words


Time to say no to a play date

Today I had one of DD2 classmates over for a playdate. His mum dropped him off at 9am, she didn’t return until 4pm.

She was supposed to collect him at 2pm but when I double checked withnher when she dropped him off she was evasive about what time she would pick him up. 118 more words


Children and pens, what a bloody mess.

I cleaned the house today, getting it ready for Pesach, my eldest daughter decided to do some drawing. While she was sketching the power puff girls she sucked on the end of the biro, getting a mouthful of blue ink. 145 more words



It’s interesting how the parenting of the parents, reflect through to how parents behave towards their own children, DW and I both had very different experiences growing up. 201 more words

Getting Organised


I’ve got four children and one foster son, so that’s five. And seven grandchildren. One of my daughters is disabled. She has a terminal syndrome called Cranio-cerebello-cardiac Syndrome which means all her development is delayed, among other things. 178 more words


3:37am, Daddy I want milk and cookies

Came the shout from the DDs’ bedroom, I stumble in half asleep to find the two of them are watching stampylongnose’s minecraft videos. I want milk and cookies. 46 more words