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Book Review: Hounded, by Kevin Hearne. Iron Druids 'n stuff.

Sitting cotside with an adorable newborn is a great feeling. It’s even more rad-i-sauce awesome-iffic when the noob in question is your own daughter. She’s staring at you with eyes bigger than the rest of her head, and you’re all like dawwwwwwwww. 365 more words


Trick or Treat 2014 #1

First time to attend a TOT event in a mall. I heard good feedback with Shang’s so I wanted to bring Coco there. Come registration day, I was so disappointed because I came in early but didn’t even reached half of the line. 531 more words


New Post On Austin Moms Blog!

My newest post has made it to the Austin Moms Blog, please show it some love. :-)

Unequal Parenting: Why Equality Isn’t Always Best

Like, Share and Comment if you have some time.  15 more words


The Urge

I am a mother and a writer, in that order. I came to motherhood early and writing, late, but this isn’t strictly true. I’ve written down butterfly thoughts since my earliest days, only then I didn’t give it a label. 491 more words

Birth in T-Minus ??? Hours...

I’m sitting at a hospital, drinking coffee, waiting for visiting hours. Oh, and soon I’m going to be going in and holding my wife’s hand for the birth of my child (read as: have my hand crushed into a sack of ground bone shards), just as soon as things hurry along and they move us upstairs. 295 more words