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Iceberg parenting: Why understanding our kids is important

The iceberg responsible for sinking the Titanic probably started life as a snowflake thousands of years earlier. That’s according to a documentary I watched on BBC. 706 more words


Born Without Arms

It’s not hard to find stories which show us clearly that the world is full of people who are different, unique and special.  That’s the way God made us and for some people being different involves overcoming difficulties physically and mentally.  170 more words

Positively Pro-Life

Let our children be little!

Let them be little, because they are only that way for a while. 

There is a race going on everywhere. A race for bringing up the best child. 435 more words


No more excuses!

To say my weight has fluctuated over the years is an understatement.  My weight has been anywhere from 115-165 (not counting pregnancy weight).  I’ve definitely had a love-hate relationship with the scale.   336 more words


Beautiful Girl

My daughter M, for awhile, was convinced she was ugly.  She hated the color of her hair, her dark eyes, her darker skin.  M is half Japanese, but she looks more like her father than me, with dark chestnut hair and very dark, luminous eyes.  730 more words

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