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An Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Dear Sarah,

I saw your photograph of Trig standing on your dog, and I commented and I shared, I couldn’t believe that someone who had managed to get herself somewhere in American politics could act so stupidly and irresponsibly (although looking back through American politicians…) 679 more words

Great Kid's Book Teaches About Dogs

If you are looking for an invaluable aid to teach children (grades 3-6 approximately) about dogs–how to handle dogs, how to read a dog’s body language, what dogs can do, how dogs learn, or even the history of dog’s and dog breeds– 515 more words

Dog Books

A Puppy's Wish at Christmastime

Hi there! I’m a puppy. Some people will call me Fido or Rufus. Others  will pick more sophisticated names for me like Hank or Reginald. I really don’t care so much about my name. 954 more words

Tammie Niewedde