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A Puppy's Wish at Christmastime

Hi there! I’m a puppy. Some people will call me Fido or Rufus. Others  will pick more sophisticated names for me like Hank or Reginald. I really don’t care so much about my name. 954 more words

Tammie Niewedde

Story Dogs


Our Mission
To make reading fun for children, so they become confident lifelong readers.
No child should be left behind in literacy.

Story Dogs Facts… 447 more words

Dog Clothes

My Dog Can Do That....and So Much More

There is a common dream of many dog owners in the United States to put their dog out into the world to help others! It is a wonderful goal to have and pursue, whether it is to train  a SAR (search and rescue) dog, a bed-bug dog, or an Animal Assisted Activity/Therapy dog, all serve humanity with their special skills in their own unique ways.   439 more words

Dog Training

Just a Dog

Like a lot of couples, our dog was our practice baby. We chose her from a breeder and waited for her to be big enough to take home and practice our parenting on. 887 more words

The Pecking Order and other Peculiarities of Dogs

Now that my broken right arm is healed enough to allow me to return to such everyday tasks as cooking, I decided to roast a chicken last weekend. 601 more words

"Just" Stuffed Animals?

When I first designed this program for classrooms to help children learn to demonstrate more kindness and compassion towards dogs while also teaching them to read, I received some skepticism because these were “just” stuffed animals. 431 more words

Pilot Program