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How One Little Brother Became a HERO to His Transgender Sister

By Bob McLaughlin, PhD, Becca Keo-Meier, Colt Keo-Meier, PhD, and Robbie Sharp, PhD  (APA Members and Founders of Gender Infinity)

Joaquin may only be 8 but he had a death grip on the microphone, a message, and a mission. 1,284 more words

Children And Youth

A Toy Story

There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy on children’s faces when they open that new toy they’ve been longing for on Christmas morning. All of the excitement, anticipation, hoping and praying have boiled down to this moment – and, at last, the toy is theirs! 1,080 more words

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Equity and Excellence in the Earliest Years: Action on Expulsion and Suspension in Early Childhood Settings

By Shantel Meek, PhD (Policy Advisor for Early Childhood Development, Administration for Children and Families)

Psychologists, neuroscientists and economists alike agree: The beginning years of any child’s life are critical for building the early foundation of health and wellness needed for success in school and later in life. 472 more words

Children And Youth

It’s Not Just Us: We Can’t Fight Poverty Without Collaboration

This post continues our new blog series on poverty. As our nation reflects on its progress in fighting poverty over the last 50 years, this blog series will highlight how psychology can contribute further to this discussion. 1,067 more words

Children And Youth

Child maltreatment survey for the Ottawa Community Committee on Child Abuse (OCCCA), help plan learning on this topic for your practice in Ottawa

Ron Ensom calls for participants to state their learning needs…Dear Colleague,The Ottawa Community Committee on Child Abuse (OCCCA) is planning a series of noon hour (lunch provided) presentations on subjects related to child maltreatment. 63 more words

What Could Make Less Sense than Expelling a Preschooler?

By Walter S. Gilliam, PhD (Director, The Edward Zigler Center in Child Development and Social Policy, Yale University)

There are some children who do not benefit from early care and education programs – the ones not allowed to attend because they were kicked out. 1,317 more words

Children And Youth



Sobering, eye-opening article. Also, of course, true of the UK. Here is an edited summary of the data:

” • EDUCATION: This is the first generation of boys in U.S. 157 more words

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