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the artist, constructed reality, and children

I ask myself with all the humility and compassion I can muster, “How often do we, as adults, guide our children into the cave we’ve constructed and believe in, but are unhappy living in, because we cannot get out ourselves?”  I happen to believe that a child’s response to an experience, a cry, a smile, is not always a time to teach them what… 726 more words


educational reform: emotionally safe schools

Like many in the U.S., I ask myself what can be done to heal our educational system.  It is like a tight muscle in our cultural body.   526 more words


competition impedes our pursuit of happiness

One day, as a small child, I walked with my father in a parking lot and stared into the sky.  I remember trying to imagine this space big enough to fit all the dead souls; unsure if everyone who lived a “good” life could fit and thinking it’s unfair if space was an issue.   856 more words