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Lazy ass

Was gonna upload some pics – but it means getting out my chair to get my phone, and USB wire, and thehard drive

Been a sunny hot day out in the garden in between packing (I lie – no packing got done – it just sounds industrious) 80 more words


(One of) The Talk(s)

The other day I posted about the sad reality that any child at any age is susceptible to porn, and in that post I suggested that parents talk to their child about their sexuality and about porn. 740 more words



I was recently reminded once again that porn is no respecter of age; it preys on all ages…adults, teenagers, children – none are immune. Nobody is immune, really. 640 more words


May as well be the World Cup

It’s been a couple of years since the boy-child played competitive sport, but throughout his life he’s played soccer, basketball, touch rugby and judo. Over the years he collected a few trophies, but I suspect this is the one that meant the most. 226 more words


Thankful Thursday: The Gift of Children

Last weekend, some friends of mine asked me to take pictures of their twin son and daughter’s Christening. I warned them that I am better at taking pictures of flowers than people but they laughed and asked me anyway. 518 more words


Rhyanna's Reads: A Young Reader's View- The Boxcar Baby

Rhyanna is a wonderfully intelligent young reader, who immerses herself in almost anything she can get her hands on to read. She also aspires to become an author herself and is working on many short stories and “chapter” books hoping the stories will be published someday. 466 more words


Rhyanna's Reads: A Young Reader's View- Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse

I had the pleasure of being an early reader of Jack Flacco’s Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse back in October 2013. Readers of TTMM may remember the… 747 more words