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Child hood games unending games in happy times for the adult rich today.

Little did I know that what I was doing when a child constitute what the today’s rich do. When I was little but could manage to move and Swim, tie up rope on a tree to sway or to where there is sand soil and heap them up either on my toes, feet, belly and play around with that sand until I turn sand looking and happiness fill my heart but to the unhappiness of my Parents to an extend whip could pass my buttocks according to adult  for making myself dirty or to warn me of possible dangers that children games may cause , Playing with soil while swimming and tree swing where I grew up is most interesting for children as they make up everything for the children day. 674 more words


Rihanna Doesn't Take "Last Lick"

“Last lick”: an end of school game played by West Indian children where no one wanted to be the last one hit before having to leave for home. 783 more words

Caribbean Life

The Where's Waldo? Conspiracy

Buddha is credited as stating that three things cannot be hidden for long: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth. The idea that truths can be hidden seems to be absurd and an insult to the intelligence of the average citizen who scoffs at such conspiracy theories. 1,460 more words


Trade Secrets- Boredom Busters For The SCHOOL HOLIDAYS

We are running a School Holiday Programme at Theatrepixies over the September School Holidays in Winton, NZ but for all those mothers that aren’t able to send their kids all the way down here, I’ve popped a few activities/games, boredom busters and trade secrets which are all fairly simply, free and a whole lot of fun! 756 more words

Italian Memory Card Game

As a way to help reinforce what the 5 and 3 year old are learning in Italian, I have decided to make a memory game. This week we’ve been studying… 124 more words


JAE's Family Fun Festival

When we came up with the idea for JAE, we wanted it to be more than just a blog. We also wanted to be involved with our communities and give back. 256 more words

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