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Her Words

Language is pretty amazing. The fact that we can create an alphabet that connects strings of letters into words; that when spoken create sounds; that create meaning; that convey thought and emotion is pretty astounding. 444 more words


Someone put a book on her head!!

Last night I was looking at my Tween (who will become a Teen before very long). She doesn’t like me looking at her. She thinks that when I do something is wrong and she become self conscious so I try to watch her surreptitiously. 304 more words


growing pains (mine mostly)

I’ve been sobbing my face off a lot today, not gonna lie … mostly happy tears, but its bittersweet to watch your children grow like weeds before your very eyes & realize there is nothing you can do to stop time or slow it down … all I can do is try my best to not take the little moments I have with my babies for granted while they are still small. 477 more words

Carpe Diem

Stay Close Ducklings If Just For A Little Bit Longer

It is early morning and a crow is cawing in the distance reminding me, along with an ever so slight chill in the air, that autumn is not so far away. 905 more words


Morning "INK" Edition - When I Was A Child I Thought Many Things...BUT Now I Am The Age My Parents Were AND I FINALLY GET IT:)

We all know how children can be and although, we love them…well, sometimes they can be a bit harsh while not even knowing they may be hurting our feelings. 800 more words

"Investigative Ink"

Getting Used To The New Normal

My daughter and I are consciously uncoupling. Not the kind of uncoupling the movie stars are starting to practice; but the kind where the strong bond between mother and child, that has kept her protected and safe all these years, is now starting to confine and suffocate; so, it is time for her to be on her own. 621 more words

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