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The professor's house

stands on a hill, pillared,

paint peeling, formerly grand,

its lawn sloping to the city sidewalk below.

Who claims it now,

or doesn’t, letting it crumble so? 139 more words

Off the Wall: That Little Voice


So we watch the news or read an article on Google, maybe overhear someone talking about an incident. I for one forbid my children to go to Waffle House for ages because of two shootings that happened at two different Waffle Houses. 357 more words


Some Sundays are Like That

This is a picture of Christopher a couple of years ago when he was improving his accuracy skills. “Accuracy” in skydiving, means jumping out of a plane two miles in the air, piloting your canopy to a landing spot, and placing your feet within a three foot circle. 434 more words


Her Words

Language is pretty amazing. The fact that we can create an alphabet that connects strings of letters into words; that when spoken create sounds; that create meaning; that convey thought and emotion is pretty astounding. 444 more words


Someone put a book on her head!!

Last night I was looking at my Tween (who will become a Teen before very long). She doesn’t like me looking at her. She thinks that when I do something is wrong and she become self conscious so I try to watch her surreptitiously. 304 more words