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Strange wanderings

My son moved out 5 months ago. Just the fact that I wrote it that way – “5 months ago” – reminds me of how when your children are very small you count things in their lives by the months. 543 more words

Beautiful Boy

My son FINALLY got a job! He is moving out of the house!  He is moving 600 miles away!

That is something to be celebrated, right?   763 more words


When you know you’re done, children-wise.

I turned 38 the other day. Yes, the big THREE, EIGHT. Not quite the big FOUR, ZERO.

I thought my BFF’s lovely boy summed up the situation pretty well when he asked: ‘Mummy, is Auntie Sarah older than a dinosaur?’ 595 more words

Christmas Baking: A Pathway to Joy

For the first twenty-some years of our marriage, I had no trouble getting in the Christmas spirit when the holidays rolled around. I wrote here last year about some of the traditions that Chris and I started in those early years. 617 more words

Day To Day

A new variety of Christmas.

Can you imagine how many different traditions families have for Christmas?  When do you put up your tree?  Is it real or fake? When are the Santa letters written? 550 more words



Yesterday in Texas the temperature was pushing 80 degrees.  It was a humid 80 too.  We turned our air conditioning back on.  Today, there is a strong north wind and it is currently in the mid-30s.  296 more words