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#15,000kidsandcounting made me sad

Watched last nights 15,000 kids and counting on Channel 4, I found it sad viewing and my heart went out to those mums. It hit home when Emily (with bullying boyfriend) said something along the lines of ‘she will hopefully have a better life than me, I’ve only got two fs at GCSE and never had a job’. 423 more words


Angry Birds

I became a teacher at 29 after years as a copywriter for mindless products,even though the universe had always destined I should work in the toughest of the inner city schools.I am glad I listened in the end. 183 more words

Children in Care with FASD in Canada: Implications for FASD Prevention

A recent study by Svetlana Popova and colleagues estimated the number of children (0–18 years) in care with FASD in Canada 2011 and the associated cost by age group, gender, and province/territory. 163 more words

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