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Foothold of Tethys Free Download!

I just wanted to note that I have put my first science fiction book up for free download. I did this because I believe in free sharing of information and because people who download free Ebooks are unlikely to buy a copy online or at a bookstore from an unknown author. 203 more words


This is how I NaNo

So, yeah… this has also been a repeated question I have received, simply because when I state my word-count for the day, people tend to freak out. 705 more words


NaNoWriMo 2014

Just in case you all don’t know what this is, NaNoWriMo means National November Writing Month, though November Novel Writing Month would be a better description these days as it is no longer National. 706 more words


Children of the Moon

Second part in the Foothold of Tethys trilogy.

After the Earth has built it’s first lunar base, the occupants find themselves trapped in the highly regulated and commercial business world where they are used as cheap labor force. 87 more words

Science Fiction

Exodus of Mars - a little first peek into the story

1.      If only

‘Approaching target from the sun side. ninety kilometers. eighty kilometers. Seventy.’

‘Launch fighters.’

‘Fighters launched. Fifty-five… fifty kilometers.’


The question hung in the air as captain Noble eyed the new bridge recruit and then turned to the main screen again without even replying. 989 more words

Foothold Of Tethys

Children of the Moon

Well, it’s official… the basic story for Children of the Moon, prequel to Foothold of Tethys is finished.

Here is the current cover:

The story follows Danielle Andrews  in one of the darkest times for the people living under a dome on the Moon, the death of the first child born on the Moon. 236 more words

Foothold Of Tethys

Children of the Moon basic story finished

Fck… I think I just finished the first prequel to Foothold of Tethys, Children of the Moon. :S Everything that is left to say is just background noise to this point of the story and will only kill the story. 53 more words

Foothold Of Tethys