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Eyes on "Lindbergh - The Tale of a Flying Mouse"

Hello Avatars.

If you are a parent with a little young child you know how wonderful it is to read a nice bedtime story.

My little one is soon to be 4 years old. 198 more words


So, the story is something like that.
Once upon a time, in a backward time, there remains the memory of a boy. He is a young boy with somehow brownish hairs, a person with a modest mysterious profile which often provided him with a preachers’ tone yet keeping the charm of his youth intact.

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In Skye Words: The Talking Pom | Featuring a home video of Skye


I bet you didn’t think that dogs had the power to talk. Well, they can.   And I’ll prove it. 500 more words


Elegant to the rescue.

The yearly event  for witches is the “Broomstick Dive and Duck Ball”. It is a night of feasting, music, competitions and games.

Lovisma loves the competition called, “Whackiest disguise for a broomstick.” Last year she disguised her broom stick as a sausage roll. 423 more words


How my grandad lost his finger

- quick drawings

When my Granddad was alive, he used to tell me the story of how he lost his finger.

Apparently one day he was digging in his nose and his finger got stuck. 87 more words


Breeze: Introducing the tiniest witch, Lovisma

We have many different beings in Mudpile wood but the one who creates the most trouble is a witch called Lovisma.


She is like no other witch I have ever met. 74 more words

Mudpile Wood