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Easter Mystery at Mudpile Wood.

A reminder:   Breeze is a very friendly Ogre.   Hamish is a grumpy Elf.    Lovisma is a tiny mischievous witch and Tulip is a Fairy who adores to bake. 648 more words


Mr. Cucumber

Once upon a time there was a Cucumber happy and content.

All that he had to do was walk about the garden, and make sure all the other vegetables, and fruits were all right. 245 more words

School Project, Metaphor of Grimm story

I chose the story The Hare and the hedgehog , the assignment was we had to do 3 metaphors about the stories moral. The three metaphors haas to be Fusion (separate images fused together) , Juxtaposition ( two images used side by side) and substitution ( well known imagery replaced by an element) so anyways here are mine. 

Childrens Art

The Whimsical World of WillyGilly

Oh, I remember the first time I laid my eyes on WillyGIlly as if it were yesterday, my friend Zachary and I were playing guns in the woods behind my house when I saw the pink sun shine through the doorway that was left open. 95 more words


The Circus of Hong Kong (circa 1995)

Long long ago but not far away
I went to a circus and decided to stay
They gave me a job and paid me quite well… 634 more words

The Willow's Worries (circa 1995)

One day while snoozing beneath a Weeping Willow
Dreaming of castles and knights armed with pillows
My rest was disturbed by mysterious cries
And droplets of water on my face and my eyes… 272 more words

Sponsors without borders

My heart is squeezing when I see young children working on plantations for pennies. I want them to go to school, were educated. I want them to be joyful and happy. 91 more words