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For mums, it is the small things in life…

Thank goodness the new school bag arrived this morning, I now have one happy teenage daughter who is now looking forward to going back to school so she can show it off to her friends. 230 more words

Let our children be little!

Let them be little, because they are only that way for a while. 

There is a race going on everywhere. A race for bringing up the best child. 435 more words


A Lesson in Living

As one of my favorite writers once said, when we rummage through our souls, we often find things we should have kept hidden. In my rummaging lately, nothing is more stirring than the first feeling of mini me’s hiccups in the womb. 636 more words


It's OK to be different

As the day wraps up, I love to take walk with my daughter.We both love to put our hearts together discussing how our day had passed and chewing over things… 306 more words


# 21 Signs your mom is an Asian parent of 90's era

Hey all, have you ever noticed our asian parents do little bit different things than non asian parents.Here’s few weird yet absolute things our asian parents do around the house especially moms. 608 more words


Another Beautiful Wedding

When you marry a guy who is one of SEVEN that’s right SEVEN children, you have a lot of family events to attend, especially in the spring and summertime. 163 more words

Things To Do With Kids

Momma Paparazzi: When Photos Replace Memories

I have hundreds, even thousands of pictures of my kids. Everything from special events to the ordinary and mundane. Every cute quirk or silly hairstyle is captured in a pixalated time capsule stored in binary code on a hard drive. 597 more words

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