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Yesterday was our Consulate appointment where we should have had her visa issued but we were delayed due to fears from the doctors at the medical clinic. 724 more words


Fall Fun.

Fall Fun.

Fall is just before winter when all the leaves begin to fall and the cold starts to set in. So why not have some fun with your children during their holidays and create some magical fall crafts. 641 more words


i wrote again today

Happy Tuesday kids!

It’s been an action packed week for me; after being at the salon full time this week, I also had my first weekend doing overnight with the girls at the safe house and I think it went well. 827 more words

What Grows in Family Trees?

We are being watched and someone will want to model us—especially if there are children in our home.
Fortunately, the most recent habit of mine that has been chosen by one of my kids is harmless. 183 more words


Why I'll Tell My Children Tattoos Are Okay

I remember the first time I thought about getting a tattoo. From the drawn on sharpie covering my hands and arm due to intense boredom in the classroom, to looking at infinity designs and crosses galore on Pinterest, I’ve always been intrigued by them. 421 more words


I’ve Had Enough of Your Kids!

He Said

You are preparing the house for your college age son/daughter coming home for the summer and your new mate says, “You know, I’m not really comfortable with little Susie staying in our home because she takes up too much of our time.” Your response might be: a) I agree, honey.   960 more words