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Into the Unknown by Stewart Ross

I love to read historical books, both fiction and non fiction. This one is a delightful work of non-fiction designed for the elementary reader, but greatly appreciated by this adult. 414 more words

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The Neil Gaiman Chapter

Neil Gaiman writes dark, horrid fairytales that suit my dark, horrid interests and because of our similar tastes of dark and horrid elements, it’s no mystery how I came to adore Gaiman and his novels, thus, beginning my little mission to read nothing but his books this past months, resulting to dark and horrid feelings that I hope does not affect my dark-less and horrid-less life. 814 more words

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More children's books recommendations!

This morning, while holding Philip’s hand, I slipped and fell down the stairs.  Philip started crying about his hurt arm (which, thankfully, was OK) and I just sat crouched on the landing and tried to get my pain sensations under control.   689 more words

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One Crazy Summer

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia has a cute and bright cover but you can barely see it for all the awards on the cover (just kidding, not complaining!) This kid’s fiction won the Coretta Scott King Award and the Scott O’Dell Award for historical fiction, as well as qualifying as a Newbery Honor book and a National Book Award finalist. 504 more words

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Tuesdays, at Four Thirty p.m.

Some children’s books will always seem as if they were written for adults, and “Tuesdays, at Four Thirty p.m.” is among those books. And since children’s books are far from anything an adult will read, they’re always a surprise. 641 more words

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Young Frank Architect, by Frank Viva

I’ve always joked that I should make a category of “Uncle Jess” books, because some of our favorite treasures come from her. (Not him…Uncle Jess is indeed a woman and also my oldest friend, childhood neighbor, and somewhat distant cousin, but when Toby was very little, he just couldn’t get “Auntie” out for whatever reason). 556 more words

Children's Books

How to Find a Gnome

I look at the writings of my collegues and remark at the careful and, I’m sure, sometimes tedious research that they perform to authenticate their writing. 330 more words