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How to Find a Gnome

I look at the writings of my collegues and remark at the careful and, I’m sure, sometimes tedious research that they perform to authenticate their writing. 330 more words

Moon rabbit - what we're reading

I picked this book up for the bargain price of 20p at a second hand book stall a few months back. I’d never seen or heard of the book before but in that brief flick through, something told me this would be a great addition to my daughters collection (and at 20p what could I lose?). 392 more words

Children's Books

The Forbidden Library

Many of you will probably have noticed that things have been a little more cobwebby of late on Literary Relish. That is to say, I’ve not been here as often, having become quite determined to ‘get my life back’ as it were. 872 more words


Making a Picture Book: Spread 10-11 Trial Prints

Creating the background of an illustration by carving linoleum takes a lot of imagining and guessing of what the final print should look like. And that’s also part of the charm and reason for choosing this particular technique. 257 more words


The Boys' Doodle Book, by Andrew Pindner

We’ve left the land of sunshine (no, seriously. It rained maybe a few hours the whole two weeks we were in the Netherlands!) and are ankle deep again in mud and leftover snow. 914 more words

Children's Books

Children's book recommendations

As usual, Philip and I have been reading a lot.  Here are a few (OK, a few is 3; this list turned out to be way more than 3) gems that we have been enjoying lately: 875 more words

Children's Books


Today  I am being plagued by doubt.

Why write about this? Why bother to expose my vulnerability as artist and person, for all of my readers to see? 271 more words