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Quick change pants

IT has been decided that these are a litte loud and are now clown pants. Next time i will make the legs out of plain fabric and use pattern for the yolk (top of bum). 122 more words

Thrifty And Crafty

What song does everyone know the words to?

Has there ever been a song that you’ve been singing for ages only to discover years later that you’ve been singing the wrong words? Then even when you know the right words you continue singing the wrong words because you prefer them. 466 more words

Children's Clothes

Winter's Coming (So It's Time For New Pyjamas)

If The Game of Thrones reference makes you think that I watch it, you’d be very mistaken. I’m a huge Sean Bean fan and the fact that they not only killed his character in the first series, but decapitated him meaning he couldn’t be pretend dead and come back later (along with the bizarre random sex and huge cast of annoying characters I couldn’t find any empathy for), put me off for good. 796 more words

Sewing FO

Halloween outfits dressing up for kids

We have been invited to a Halloween party and are taking the boys trick or treating for the first time this year.   The older two boys are using bat costumes that they have from last year, so I only had to chose something for little S.   132 more words

Childrens Clothes

Behold! The Overlord.

Where better to start my blogging career than with a post celebrating the latest addition to the rainbowbobbins household.

Behold! The Overlord.

Bargainous purchase from Lidl of all places, for the princely sum of £129.99. 177 more words


Things small but necessary

With the seasons doing their usual swift aboutface right about now, there was clear and present danger that J, my favorite and only nephew would enter this new stage totally unprepared. 311 more words


Buy one, get FIVE free!

When your 7 year old decides her gold zip gives her special powers enabling her to scale the concrete walls of the urban jungle, you’ve just got to let her do it, even if she is wearing flip flops. 373 more words

Children's Clothes