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Child Labor Rate On The Increase In Turkey

(ANF/ISTANBUL) According to a new report compiled by the Research Institute of the Confederation of Revolutionary Workers’ Unions (DİSK-AR), there are currently 8 million 397 thousand children in the workforce in Turkey. 267 more words

Just Putting It Out There.....El Dia El Los Ninos!

So, I was researching some different county libraries to see if they offered FREE summer camps like the ones here in Cuyahoga County and I happened upon two libraries (1) … 265 more words


The greatest wish of underprivileged "pig-shed" sibilings is to have a bright lamp

It was Children’s Day in Taiwan on April 4th, and while many children probably wished for new toys and games or a day of fun and play, a pair of underprivileged siblings living in Nantou County of Taiwan wished for nothing more than a really bright light so that they could study, and for it to rain less so that they could sleep on dry beddings.



4/4兒童節!雖然粉人同兒童節嘅關係不知不覺已經缺裂..但粉人仍然盼望同佢有一絲連繫,所以來一個夢幻粉甲希望同兒童節再甜蜜牽日手仔 :D


Children's Day

Friday was Children’s Day in Taiwan and we had the day off school.  We went for a walk in one of our favorite parks.  The park was full of families. 70 more words


Sunday Wrap up!

So this week was pretty much a total wash, but this weekend was a lot of traveling and fun.

To wrap up last week, here is the picture of the gnome once it was finished and framed.  363 more words

Weekly Wrap Up