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The Book Thief - A Children's film?

General Plot:

Set in Germany during World War II a young girl, Liesel has to leave her mother and become part of a new family. Life gets particularly challenging when her adoptive parents hide a Jewish refugee in their basement. 194 more words


Shaun the Sheep the Movie (2015) review: a dialogue-free delight

Animals fare far better in silents than talkies. The absence of dialogue puts them on an equal footing with their human co-stars, and what’s more, they’re cuter. 800 more words


Just This Once Leave the Ladies Out: The Maze Runner

I’d give this film a rating of “Cool” (someday I’ll make a visual scale bear with me for now), what this means is that it’s more towards good than bad but has blaring problems. 546 more words


A Modern Fairytale: Penelope

On the sweet n sour scale I would give this film a masterly.

There’s my usual critique of solid storytelling, great mix of different characters, a modern twist on the classic fairytale style (narration, damsel, hero, happily ever after), ect. 110 more words


Santa and the Three Bears (1970)

When Santa and the Three Bears was first offered as a Christmas special to various American TV networks, they declined, saying that it did not include an antagonist. 234 more words

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