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Traditional Bangers 'n' Mash wiff onion gravy

Bog standard bangers and mash wiv a bit of onion gravy… just right for a couple of kids home from school early with the sniffles. 17 more words

Getting Organised

10 things I miss about Sundays before kids

I miss lots of things from life before kids but Sunday is the day that I think about a lot, especially when I just want to read the paper. 121 more words


Back To School

Back to school brings a whole different element to cooking – whether it is preparing sandwiches, giving guidelines so that children can choose a meal at school / college or preparing a meal that complements what they have eaten during the day. 201 more words


Smooth Operator

Now September is upon us it’s the start of the academic year and this week most children across the UK will return to school (or start for the first time – gulp!) 369 more words

Crust can't get enough!

Fed up of cutting off crusts but can’t face a monumental melt down or food battle before you’ve had your first coffee? Removing crusts from toast feels like a massive waste of food and if the ducks at your local pond no longer greet you with quacks of happiness but feign sleep instead then maybe it’s time to use your loaf and make teddy toast! 214 more words

Pretentious children's food du jour: Fung Bros inspired Misen goreng omelette with a twist of Himalayan Pink salt

OMG, I should be poncing around St. John’s Wood not in an east London working class multicultural borough.

We and the sprogs like watching the Fung Bros comedy on You Tube on Chromecast. 20 more words

Getting Organised

Sugar-free play dates

Well, having my own children subscribe to a no-sugar diet can be as simple as ‘I’m your mum and you’ll eat what I tell you’ but on talking to other parents who are trying to cut out the sweets and juices, there’s a whole big clueless question mark over what we do about entertaining… 594 more words