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I Cried Today

I cried today, softly over the shoulders of my children.  Their little frames huddled over the florescent glow of the computer, little eyes soaking up the image of themselves with their father. 306 more words

The ripple effect.

When our young friend Dan died in November it sent a seismic shock through our village. It was the second death of a child within three weeks. 826 more words



One of the stages in grief, in mourning, in the aftermath of suicide, is anger.  When you’re left on the back steps of your home, sitting all alone, realizing yet again that the husband you’ve seen doing yard work, grilling out, or even just lazing about with a beer and a cigarette, will never come outside and join you, sometimes the feeling you’re left with is anger.   377 more words

The Stephen Fry of the playground

I’ll admit it. Young children bore me. Up until they reach the age of about seven, I couldn’t be less fascinated by what they have to say. 295 more words

Grief Loss And Bereavement

It's the little things, like ice cream...

  Often it’s the small moments, the little things that many could and often do overlook that show us we’ve been making progress even if we don’t feel like we have been. 522 more words

Autism; Second Verse Same As The First

My Children are Grieving

I handed my 2-year-old to the woman in the daycare center.  Normally he’d walk right in, but now was an uncertain time and he was transferred from my arms to hers.   835 more words

Open Letter to my Youngest Son

My Dear Sweet Boy,

You’re five years old.  Just barely.  In your mind you are pretty much a man.  In fact, your persuasive arguments about why you should do something that is death defying are, “Well, I’m five now.” and “No, it’s okay, I can do it.   719 more words