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Festive Forest Fun!

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful festive season, and best of health and success in the new year! xo

Laura Watson Illustration

Lagi: Advent Calendar Cuddle Monster 19

Lagi is big into fashion. He combines all sorts of crazy things, and always comes up with a fashionable look from found object. Lagi is never seen without his purse, which is said to contain a never ending stash of edamame beans. 8 more words


Dash: Advent Calendar Cuddle Monster 18

Dash is a very helpful Cuddle Monster. Apart from carrying old ladies over the street (even if they don’t want to cross it) and tasting all the foods at the bakery to prevent poisoning, he also rents out his services as a sock dryer. 18 more words


'Tis the sea-son

The Illustration Friday theme this week is sea, so…

A work in progress, but then, what isn’t?

Wishing you merry and bright days, and a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Zak: Advent Calendar Cuddle Monster 17

Zak is a bit scared. Mainly because he again jumped on the bouncy castle without corking his little horns first. But otherwise these horns are super useful, especially for poking holes into the cling film of a microwave ready meal. 8 more words


Lel : Advent Calendar Cuddle Monster 16

Lel is a great tap dancer. Everytime she hears a tune she taps her feet. If she is is in a really good mood, she might even swing her arms. 8 more words