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Skip's Quips: Theory of 'Frozen'

I think the reason Frozen was such a hit was marketing.

Ads for the animated film were all over TV. They got people to see it. 152 more words


The Lego Movie....a "TOTALLY AWESOME" review!

I absolutely love kids movies, and the Lego Movie is no exception to the rule as far as I’m concerned!!
When I first started watching the trailer I thought, seriously, a movie with little plastic Lego people, how ridiculous! 546 more words


"Everything is Awesome" in The Lego Movie

I love animated films. Not only have they become increasingly sophisticated and less cliche/child-centric, but they provide the opportunity for extremely talented and creative people to make beautiful art. 215 more words

Friday Feature

Geek Wife: The Lego Movie Review

I have an adorable nephew who isn’t even five yet, but he’s a already huge Lego fan. That boy can put together a Lego pirate ship in no time flat. 436 more words

One Sassy Homemaker

Diverging from Divergent

Ok, this post is rife with Divergent spoilers, both book and movie. I’m warning you. You can safely read until you hit the DIVERGENT SPOILERS line. 1,464 more words


11 things 'Frozen' teaches that I wish more children's movies taught:

I jumped on board and watched Frozen today. I’m so incredibly pleasantly surprised and here is why:

It shows that…

  1. Sometimes loved ones have your best interest at heart even if you can’t see it.
  2. 155 more words

How to Have a Movie Night

There’s nothing better then sitting on the sofa with some friends, some popcorn and some free DVDs!

1.   Choose a day and a time that will suit a lot of people. 401 more words