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Flashback Fridays: Into the Woods . . .

You’re a family who has just moved into a mysterious old manor house by a huge woodland.  Your girls soon sense something is amiss as the older one starts sensing a presence watching her and the younger starts to exhibit strange behaviors.   696 more words

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Getting Whiny about Frozen

So it seems I’m on a bit of a children’s movie kick at the moment, which is not entirely surprising (I’ve been doing a lot of writing, and children’s movies tend to be more whimsical, which is better for writing inspiration). 617 more words

Flashback Fridays:An unusual friendship . . .

You’re a father whose son has always seemed to have an imaginary friend that he talks to.  Even as he gets older, the conversations continue . 506 more words

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Into the Woods: What age is it for?

With PG movies, I find it so hard to decide whether or not they are appropriate for my 6 year old.  Obviously, PG-13 movies are out.  775 more words


What If Ayn Rand Reviewed Children's Movies?

I love poking fun of Ayn Rand. Since the recent Ayn Rand resurgence thanks to the Tea Party, it’s just too easy.

Today, though, I don’t intend to poke fun at Ayn Rand. 310 more words