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Joyful days

Little Dolly

My little dolly what do you do
When I am not in the room with you
Do you play with Teddy dear
Or do you braid your blond fair hair… 79 more words


A Poem & A Picture (Day 3)


By Brod Bagert

They came like dewdrops overnight
Eating every plant in sight,
Those nasty worms with legs that crawl
So creepy up the garden wall, 64 more words


A Secret Garden

A secret garden of roses red
And daffodils in flowerbeds
Apple trees with tiny blooms
Grasses green and meadows blue
Hidden pathways of pebbled rocks… 119 more words


National Poetry Month, Day 12: Shel Silverstein

Today’s poems are in honor of my four-year-old son L, because we’re hanging out this morning.

These two really crack him up!

(Both poems from… 28 more words


A Little Light

Inside me there is a little light
like the pretty candles on Christmas night
A light to keep my heart aglow
and to make the love inside it grow… 134 more words


Invisible Friends

Down behind roses,
By the big oak tree,
There’s a little girl
Who looks a lot like me.
Her eyes are blue,
And she’s got long hair, 104 more words


Flower Poems


Little baby buttercup
With chubby cheeks of butter soft
A yellow crown of sunny silk
Petals made of buttermilk
A favorite of the fairy babes… 137 more words