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Magic Doors

Life feels like magic
When you are four.
If you want an adventure
You walk through a door.
Any old door will do,
Black, green or white, 142 more words


Blue Eyes - Brown Eyes

Danika Ramsbottom went to the shop,
To pick up some yoghurt and cheese.
She got what she wanted
And went to the till
And said ‘I’d like to pay for this please’ 117 more words


Mary's Little Lambs

Mary’s many lambs,
Made many gloves,
For many hands,
And many socks,
For many feet,
Now Mary’s lambs,
Have very little fleeces.


Old Hezikiahs

Old Hezikiahs,

the king of deep fish fryers,
his batter is so thick,
he has to dip them,
with his pliers.

And if he dips them low, 36 more words

Children's Poems.

PUBLISHED! Clubhouse Jr. Magazine

I attended a writing conference a few years back where I studied under the amazing Crystal Bowman. During her class, she asked us to write a short poem for children. 94 more words


There Was An Old Man from Peru

I great funny poem to kick us off with this new blog…share it with the kids today :)

There was an old man from Peru, 24 more words

Gross Villain Poem #1

She makes me say yuck,

He makes me quake.

And oh, what trouble

Those two make!

They’re so nasty,

Each one’s a leech!

Keep all your treasures… 111 more words

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