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Five More Sleeps

Five more sleeps ’til Christmas,
I’m so excited I could pop,
In five nights time I’ll listen out
For a tinkle and clip clop,
As Santa and his reindeer… 268 more words


Haiku's anatomy: a child's December sky

Sky fleet passing by

raising white sails made of clouds

toward blue beyond


It's snowing...

It’s winter time and apparently it’s snowing on veejayp.com!  Check out the relatively new winter-themed poemLost Mittens” (a new animated gif was added too)


The Little People in the Toilet Bowl

When you look down the toilet,
There’s not much to see
Or at least that’s the hope;
That the poo and the wee
Will be all flushed away, 379 more words


Dear Daddy

I can go anywhere,
When you are my guide,
I’m not scared of monsters,
When I’m by your side.

If things look a bit tricky, 96 more words


Self Image

I wish my hair was curly,
Said the girl whose hair was straight,
And I wish I was flat chested,
(She had boobs she’d learnt to hate). 146 more words


The All Seeing Gnome [a children's poem]

There’s a gnome at the bottom of my garden,
And his name is Jeronimo Zee,
He has a pink hat,
And an old cricket bat, 170 more words