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friday feast: the bear in the window and paddington's bread and butter pudding with marmalade

It’s no secret we’re more than a little mad for Paddington here at Alphabet Soup.

The resident bears were extremely excited about the new movie (have you seen it yet?) and Michael Bond’s latest novel, 1,339 more words

Poetry Friday

Poetry Contest

The cover photo on this page is a photo of an upside down snowman. Describe what you do with snow after it falls to the ground. 478 more words

Poetry I Write


I bite my lips and the salty waters drain down
a labyrinth of pain.
Even if it did hurt from the moment
You were formed, 193 more words

The Wings Of Poesy

Crunching Numbers

There’s nothing that makes me more afraid
Than a number, because it isn’t made;
And though I resist
The thought, I can’t shake it:
Something can exist… 7 more words

All In All

To the End of My World

Not only as long as the stars spark the sky,
The Atlantic is wet, the Sahara is dry,—
I’ll love you not only while soft is the lamb: 12 more words

All In All


I'd rather shine and sparkle in the shallow
   Depths of a pretty fountain
Than blindly swim an ocean dark and hollow,—
   Or climb a rocky mountain.


All In All

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In honor of my mom’s favorite word and my dad’s favorite pastime, check out Rutabaga and Standing on My Head in the Poems section.  More updates to come…