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People’s moods can be just like yo-yos

Sometimes up…
Sometimes down…

One minute they’re smilin’
And the next they’re wearin’ a frown!

from Poem Man… 11 more words


Newly discovered, old illustrations.

These are from a long children’s poem about a kindly dragon who gets the blame for stealing all the pies. 57 more words

Fat but not happy - the tale of a binge eating spider (yes really)

There once was a spider who lived in a hat,
Who ate very fine foods and who grew very fat.
But still he kept eating and eating until, 354 more words


Children's Poems I Don't Hate: The Outing

The second year of my Masters began a few weeks ago and I was all fired up and ready to go, kinda. Due to a really limited choice of modules (moan moan moan), I’d opted for ‘Writing for a Child Audience’, despite not having done any creative writing in yeeeeeeears. 278 more words

Children's Literature

The Harbor Master of the Great Mystic Flow

So one day, a Magical Winged Creature found herself spinning slightly out of control in the Swirling Cosmos which, either accidentally, randomly or a bit of both, but quite fortuitously, flung her out like a pea from a pea shooter into the giant face of the Harbor Master of the Great Mystic Flow. 141 more words

My Very Short Stories

THE HURRICANE a poem for National Poetry Day

I wrote this poem after watching videos about hurrcanes and storms.

Children's Poems

My Dog Smells - a children's poem

It’s time that my dog had a wash
He smells so bad that folk say Gosh!
Just what has that small dog been up to? 96 more words