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NAMBLA Pedophiles Have More Rights Than Occupy Protesters

Even after much of the furor of the Occupy movement has fizzled out, the well-documented police brutality and unjust arrest of Occupy protesters highlights the way in which our freedom of speech has transformed from an unalienable right to a right that exists when the establishment does not feel at all slighted by what you have to say. 629 more words

Victim's Rights

Dear sweet Hunter

First let me start by saying I can not WAIT to meet you! My boys can not wait to have another superhero fan, football team mate and brother to play with. 685 more words

Mr. Paudel Has Been Honored

12th April, 2014

President of Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal and General Secretary of Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) Mr. Tilottam Paudel has been honored by National Human Development Forum for his tremendous efforts, contributions and a decade long work in the field of… 189 more words


Youth Rights and Criminal Justice

This article will examine the key youth rights underpinned by the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) related to crime and youth justice.  1,044 more words


How Society Fails Survivors of Abuse by Multiple Perpetrators

At a former job, I was lucky enough to get to know a wonderful, little girl. One day, as the time when she would have to go home was fast approaching, she sat in my lap, curled her entire body up into a little ball, and began shaking and crying. 802 more words

Victim's Rights

And Another Thing...

I know I already told you that I won’t be delivering in Dubai any more.  And I know I already told you why I was relieved that we’d be in London instead. 259 more words


Violating the Rights of the Child Through Inadequate Sexual Health Education

Gloss: This article discusses the use of abstinence only education and its correlation to teens’ lack of knowledge on safe sex, pregnancy, STDs, and an increase in homophobia. 93 more words