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Canadian Divorce Reform: 1998 - 2003

Herbert Eser Gray, Queen’s Counsel

Former Deputy Prime Minister Dies At 82

OTTAWA – From The Canadian Press

Herb Gray, a former deputy prime minister and one of Canada’s longest-serving parliamentarians, died Monday at the age of 82. 747 more words


Des histoires... indicibles... Les "chanceux" enfants des rues.

Je viens de trouver par hasard cette photo, sur Facebook. C’est l’une parmi celles difficiles d’ignorer, n’est-ce pas. Cela fait longtemps, chaque fois que je ferme mes paupières, je vois cet enfant en guenilles dormir sur le coffre d’une Mercédès, parallèle à un chien errant, dormant par contre au-dessus d’une Kia. 709 more words

Street Children

A modest proposal

Almost three hundred years ago, in Dublin, Jonathan Swift published ‘A Modest Proposal‘ one of the most famous satirical works in the world – the proposal in question being that the poor should kill and eat their young. 389 more words

Current Affairs

Sick of power trips

It has been all about him for the last 3 months. He does not see or make it about the girls but  because he has the girls, it’s his reign power he cares about. 555 more words

Just what is the role of parents when it comes to connecting with half-siblings?

The question in the title of this blog has been rolling around in my head since I watched the second episode of Generation Cryo on Wednesday night.   1,024 more words

NAMBLA Pedophiles Have More Rights Than Occupy Protesters

Even after much of the furor of the Occupy movement has fizzled out, the well-documented police brutality and unjust arrest of Occupy protesters highlights the way in which our freedom of speech has transformed from an unalienable right to a right that exists when the establishment does not feel at all slighted by what you have to say. 629 more words

Victim's Rights

Dear sweet Hunter

First let me start by saying I can not WAIT to meet you! My boys can not wait to have another superhero fan, football team mate and brother to play with. 685 more words