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Here’s One We Made Earlier at The Lowry - a review by Alfie Moulson (age 10)

I went to The Lowry last Thursday to see the preview of Here’s One We Made Earlier, an exhibition celebrating BBC Children’s broadcasting. The exhibition is a collaboration between the BBC and The Lowry and there were speeches from Joe Godwin who is the current boss of BBC Children’s and Julia Fawcett who is the chief executive of The Lowry. 234 more words


Scientifically Accurate Sonic The Hedgehog

We were treated last week to a depressing look at “Shredder: The Later Years.” Today the fangay melancholy continues with “Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog.” 49 more words


Creepy Children's Programming Reviews: CURIOUS GEORGE

The boy has been diversifying his television viewing habits lately, there’s no doubt about that; we’ve moved away from talking crayons and melodramatic censors and onto a few different programs, several of which probably deserve their own entry here.   810 more words


Zack and Quack on nickjr is under appreciated

This is a new animated show on Nickjr that chronicles the adventures of Zack, his duck Quack and their friends. It sounds like every other cartoon these days but it’s not. 334 more words

Throwback Thursday: Pappy Drewitt

Ah, Pappy Drewitt. If you were born in the 90s, maybe you can still hear the song: Pappy, Pappy Drewitt, he drew Pappyland. And you too can do it, if you’re in Pappyland! 1,172 more words


Topsy and Tim

Here is a list of reasons why the current Cbeebies series of Topsy and Tim makes my trigger finger itch in an alarming way:


Goosebumps (TV Series) - "The Girl Who Cried Monster"

WARNING: Spoilers!

Lucy Dark likes to tell monster stories to scare her little brother. Then one day she discovers that there really is a monster in her town working at the library but when she tries to reveal the truth to her friends and family nobody believes her. 535 more words