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8 Children's Shows That are Making me Crazy

My oldest child is almost 10. Which means I’ve been exposed to the annoying barrage of children’s programming for 10 years. 3,650 days of the talking animals, the sing-song-repetitive bullshit, the nonexistent story-lines, and the guest-stars. 734 more words

Children's TV Doesn't Always Make Sense

I’m used to reading novels written for adults, or at least young adults.  But mostly adults. They’re very complex and eventually make sense.  However, have you ever watched children’s TV as an adult?  288 more words

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Girls are the smart ones in kids' TV cartoons?

Young children in North America watch TV cartoon series with girls as the smart ones: Word Girl, Peg + Cat, Doc McStuffins, … 84 more words


Arthur: Is that kosher?

this morning (monday 8th), 8.35-8.50am, on cbbc tv (freeview channel or 120)
arthur: is that kosher? (episode 3 of series 13)

“special appearance by Joan Rivers” as the voice of francine’s bubba… 41 more words

The Top 10 TV Shows Of My Childhood (Part 2)

Here’s the second half of my list of the ten best TV shows of my childhood.

#5 Sailor Moon

Ah Sailor Moon, yet another Japanese import that manages the truly Japanese feat of being able to be awesomely entertaining, over-the-top, dramatic, action packed and generally flat out AWESOME as a child and then to make you feel like a paedophile when you grow up. 834 more words

'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood' - My Favorite Children's TV Show

By Amy Amatangelo, TV Gal ®

As you know, I watch a lot of TV. A lot.

But I’m very picky about what I allow my four-year-old to watch. 898 more words

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood