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Vietnamese kids' TV show will haunt your dreams, possibly get sued by Disney 【Video】

One of the things kids most enjoy about going to Disneyland is getting to meet the characters up close and personal, and they love seeing their favourites on TV too. 634 more words

SE Asia

Gigglesnort Hotel

Another mystery from my early encounters with TV has been solved.  Long before the playroom, I came across a children’s show which featured a character made out of clay and another character who looked similar to W. 127 more words


SF Obscure: Android Life

So, I had a chance to sit down and watch ALMOST HUMAN only to discover that it was cancelled. Sigh. I enjoyed it. I am a fan of Micheal Ealy, Karl Urban, and Lili Taylor. 520 more words


Uncle Andy's Fun Factory

Andy Warhol is just BEGGING to be turned into a children’s television show. His show, Fashion showed a devilishly hilarious side to him that puts him the ranks of great hosts such as Art Linklater, Mr. 643 more words

Kelsey Calaitges

Pogle's Wood

Some days, you just want to curl up under a duvet and retreat.

Today is such a day.

It’s half-term, it’s raining and the cars broken down, so me and the littlest chimp are on the sofa, the duvet wrapped round us and we’re about to watch an episode of my favourite program from childhood – Pogle’s Wood. 10 more words


Using Technology: A Balancing Act

As parents, we are constantly bombarded by contradicting messages about the best way to raise our children. It makes it a little tricky to work out what you should actually be doing. 756 more words

Family Life

How did I get so OLD?

I’m sure you’ve already seen this, but if not, Radio Times’ archive of its listings will while away the odd week. Good place to start is your birthday, and mine had The Man From UNCLE, The Good Old Days (guest artiste Wilfred Pickles), Beryl Roques (wife of the amazing… 157 more words