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Take that!

Ruth Graham, a journalist with Slate, ignited quite a firestorm with her piece, “Against YA,” back in June. By claiming that adults should be embarrassed to read YA, Ms. 362 more words

Musings On Literature

Today I want to introduce you to my friend and amazing children’s author, Sandy Carlson. Sandy’s most recent book, War Unicorn (MuseItYoung, an imprint of MuseItUp) was released on September 2, 2014. 918 more words

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Using his head

While I work out the kinks and practice my video skills some more, here’s a traditional book review for your enjoyment. I’m hoping to do a video review once a month this fall, more frequently as I improve. 212 more words

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Just a comic book?

Every year at this time, I end up having conversations with parents and teachers about graphic novels. (Or comic books or illustrated stories or…) Someone always asks me what I think about graphic novels or comments that they want their kids reading “real books.” 462 more words

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Drum roll, please

I thought I’d start off the fall with a bang: video book reviews.

It occurred to me that the audience for my books  is supposed to be kids and teens, but kids and teens don’t really read blogs. 178 more words

Musings On Reading

Top Ten Ways to Put Off Starting Your Next Writing Project

Caught you! You’re procrastinating too, aren’t you? Why else would you be online right now? That’s okay. You’re in good company here! In fact, I have ten ways to put off starting that next writing project. 379 more words

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