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Quick Tip

As I was finishing my rough draft for a gentle fantasy chapter book (whoop! whoop! big goal met this week!) I discovered a great trick. 97 more words

Children's Writer

I got another rejection today for a piece I’ve been sending around for a while now. For many writers that would sound the story’s final death knoll. 528 more words

Squash Your Outer Adult to Write For Your Inner Kid

Help!  I’ve lost my imagination. I know I had it not that long ago.  Then all of this adult-life stuff kept happening and adult-life does not play nice with writing for children or creativity. 424 more words

Children's Writer

As most of you know, some of my favorite books are picture books. I read them, collect them and write them. I’m pretty much passionate about them. 639 more words

Missing out

Have you ever realized that you missed something? I’m not talking about the M7 bus, I’m talking about classics of children’s literature.

Next week, Natalie Babbitt joins the Thalia Kids’ Book Club at Symphony Space… 397 more words

Musings On Literature

grand-aunt's visit 10 : overcomer

Submerged yet alive

angry raging waves above

cannot touch this life


I didn’t plan on 2015 beginning with a rejection letter. I’m a writer. I should know better. But there I was, barely awake from New Year’s Eve revelry and putting away the Christmas decorations, reading my first rejection letter of the year. 591 more words