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Lots of bird pass this way on migratory routes between somewhere up north and their destination down south. The most spectacular are the sandhill cranes. It’s a favorite pastime in the fall to head out to the wetlands, the corn fields, and the rivers in search of these delightful birds. 39 more words

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Writing Prompt #17

     “This room looks like a tornado hit it!” exclaimed the girl’s mother. “You will not be going to the Halloween party tonight if I don’t see a major improvement beforehand.” 40 more words



She was a fabulous storyteller. Vivid language, great engagement with her listeners, a dab of acting the part thrown in. She could enthrall. But she didn’t know when to stop. 46 more words

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We all have our very own Paparazzi. Or we will soon. Drones following our every move. Implantable technology that tracks our every movement. Cameras in every store, on every street corner, in everyone’s pocket as they attend events you are attending. 20 more words

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I Come From

I come from seeing my parents and ornery cousins around my grandmother’s big kitchen table.
I come from the aroma of bacon and coffee from my mother’s kitchen each morning. 118 more words

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My Favorite Writer

You know those games you play where people say, “Who’s your favorite writer?” or “If you could have dinner with a famous person who would it be?” My answer is always the same: Alice Walker. 69 more words

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Writing Prompt #16

     “My grandpa died,” Edward told his teacher.

     “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that,” she said. “You loved him very much, I can tell.”

     “I didn’t know him,” Edward said. 6 more words