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The rain was unrelenting. Even on the high ground where Steffi lived, there was standing water and her basement was oozing, leaking. She frantically carried everything she could to the 2nd floor. 44 more words

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Those people who live across the street – in that house with green shutters – go to church on Saturday. I forget the name of that religion. 63 more words

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Writing Prompt #13

     A butterfly loses its way as it migrates to a warmer climate.



When everyone talks about wishing Friday would hurry up and come, I just nod and keep quiet. I hate the weekend. I’d rather be at work, in my cheerful cubical with its images of islands and palm trees, than running Saturday errands for my mother. 13 more words

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Thursday Anderson was her given name. There was really no good way to create a nickname out of Thursday. Thur sounded stupid. So she went by the name Mac, a name she gave herself in 3rd grade after reading a book with a character by that name. 37 more words

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“On Wednesday? Let me think. Oh, that was the day I went up to visit my mother in Longmont. Stayed with her nearly all day.” 120 more words

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The same act was at The Continental Club every Tuesday night for years. The same crowd appeared each Tuesday, with a few newcomers mixed in every week just for spice. 44 more words

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