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Day Trips

I took a day trip yesterday to The Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge. It got me thinking about favorite day trips from my past. I remember when I lived in Loveland, Colorado. 57 more words

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The Best Car

Oh, that car! It drove like part of my body. I just had to think a movement and that car would do it. It was a beauty, a powerhouse, a joy. 55 more words

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The Old Computer

The closet in the spare bedroom is home to old computers. A Commodore 64 sits at the bottom of the pile, with heaps of Macs, Dells, and huge portable phones piled atop it. 44 more words

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Red cowboy boots. Grade 3. I loved those boots. I wore them so long I had to walk on my heels to keep my toes from hurting because I’d outgrown them. 47 more words

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The Memory Fades

She began to lose the memories she’d carried all her life as she approached 80. The wonder of it was, without all those painful traumas rattling around in her head, a more joyful younger self came to the fore. 43 more words

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When we went through the backpack of the dead woman we found under the bridge, there was nothing there but dog-eared copies of stolen library books. 74 more words

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Writing Prompt #19

     Your main character decides to become a vegetarian right before Thanksgiving. His/Her mother is not happy about it. But the turkey is! In fact, the turkey helps the character come up with food ideas that do not include meat!