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Fenced In

I read one of those quizzes in a magazine while sitting in the doctor’s office. I found out my theme song is “Don’t Fence Me In.” Ha! 58 more words

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The game was cancelled due to rain. The weather report had been that the rain would pass, but it only grew more rainy. I already had 5 boys in cleats in the back of my van when we heard. 71 more words

Children's Writing Prompts

I'm Reading

I’m reading. Are you? What are you reading today? I just finished Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot by Masha Gessen. That book that should be in the pocket of every person marching because #BlackLivesMatter. 43 more words

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I give to you

I give to you my biggest towel
So you can take a bath.
I give to you my scissors
So you can cut your hair. 59 more words

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Dirty Words

I recall exactly the day I first used a dirty word. The word was “shit.” I knew every dirty word, but I also knew I wasn’t allowed to use them. 76 more words

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The Ground

She was level-headed, feet firmly on the ground, steady and reliable. That was what drew me to her. She would be the rock. I could be the flitting butterfly. 40 more words

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“You’ve put it off too long. It needs to be done.”

“I hold hope they’ll work it out, but they just keep getting worse.”

“Just do it. 42 more words

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