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We all have our very own Paparazzi. Or we will soon. Drones following our every move. Implantable technology that tracks our every movement. Cameras in every store, on every street corner, in everyone’s pocket as they attend events you are attending. 20 more words

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I Come From

I come from seeing my parents and ornery cousins around my grandmother’s big kitchen table.
I come from the aroma of bacon and coffee from my mother’s kitchen each morning. 118 more words

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My Favorite Writer

You know those games you play where people say, “Who’s your favorite writer?” or “If you could have dinner with a famous person who would it be?” My answer is always the same: Alice Walker. 69 more words

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Writing Prompt #16

     “My grandpa died,” Edward told his teacher.

     “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that,” she said. “You loved him very much, I can tell.”

     “I didn’t know him,” Edward said. 6 more words


Make It Up Yourself

I’m taking next week off. I invite you to spend the time in my absence to create your own writing prompt, put it in a comment under this post, and write the beginning of your story about your own writing prompt. 25 more words

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Travelin' Dan

Travelin’ Dan never met a stranger, but he never made a long term friend, either. He could shoot the bull with anyone, about anything. As long as it didn’t get personal. 65 more words

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I Don't Remember

I don’t remember being particularly difficult as a child, but I must have been. I remember my mother becoming absolutely frazzled trying to deal with me. 82 more words

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