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I Love Child's Play

Since I’m all about themed posts on this blog (“What I’m Listening to Right Now” and “Book Review” to name two), I’ve decided to start yet another theme for posts: I Love ______ (and the blank will be filled in with a charity that I love and then I will tell you why I love that charity and why you should too!). 314 more words

Growing Up

Good morning Everyone!

My beautiful Kayla is steadily growing up on me – she is already taller than my mom and my aunt, is probably taller than one of my sisters and I fully expect her to end up being an inch or 2 taller than me or my other sister when all the growing is over with. 102 more words

Working Mom

[Material Moms] The Sound of Music: A Review - Beverly Burgess

You watched the movie as a child. Now, why not experience the magic live with your child? By Beverly Burgess

“The hills are aliiiiiiiiiiivvvve with the sound of muuuuusic” 332 more words


‘Child’s Play’ Boasts a Certain Nostalgic Charm That Intoxicates (Review)

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Charles Lee Ray’s a nasty voodoo practicing serial killer who has absolutely zero issues with executing anyone in his path. But he’s got a problem, his identity has been discovered and law enforcement has him all but pinned down in a toy shop. 598 more words


Interviews: Mahtie Bush - Inside Childs Play Pt.1

Producer 26Hrz gets the 411 on Mahtie Bush’s upcoming “Childs Play” project, slated for an August release. Directed by Flossalini.


Tunnel vision (just swing)

I’ve noticed that I tend to get a nasty case of tunnel vision when I’m working on a novel. I first realized this when I found myself mentally snarling about having to do terrible things like go to parties and meet friends for coffee–both benign if not utterly charming activities which I normally enjoy, albeit in small doses. 379 more words