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Marchigüe Carménère‎ 2012

When I grabbed this off the shelves, I’d only had one other single varietal wine made with Carménère grapes.  That was the Anakena Carménère‎ that I’d had while on travel over a year ago.  149 more words


Casas del Bosque - Chile

For the final part of our Chilean adventure we’re staying in Casablanca and going to Casas del Bosque. This was not an estate I knew very much about when I travelled over there – but over the past 12 months of so it has really started to come to prominence. 554 more words

Vinos Emiliana - Chile

Emiliana are a reasonably large producer who are based in Colchagua, however for our visit we went to their visitor centre in Casablanca – which is easily reached from Santiago in around an hour (traffic permitting!). 736 more words

Ticket To Chile 2012 Carmenere

Score: 5.5  – Dead Average

Price: $10.99

Tasting Notes Sipping: The nose only has hints as to the varietal and terroir. I get some dark plum and blueberries with some spice, but also a dose of green pepper. 321 more words

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Things I Learned in Chile

Chile, the long narrow strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains, is a very unique and unusual country.  Mainland Chile has over 4,000km of coast on the Pacific Ocean and because it’s so long, it encompasses an… 715 more words


Budget Wines: Smoking Loon El Carancho Malbec Central Valley, Chile 2013

Purple highlights in the glass give away the varietal. There is blackberry and a stealthy invasion of funky earth on the nose, just enough to remind you this is an agricultural product. 171 more words

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South America in a glass (and on a plate) - part 1

We recently returned from a holiday in South America and thought it blog-worthy to give an overview of the food and wine experiences (in 3 parts). 804 more words


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As part of our holiday re-run series here’s Neal on his grand trip to South America! This is the first of three parts so if you like the first one please read through part 2 and 3. Enjoy, and we hope you are all having a great festive time!