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Alka Carmenere: Blackberry & Clay in a Chilean Wine

Some grapes are ex-patriots. They immigrate across oceans, get settled, and find themselves happier in their new home than perhaps they ever were in their native homeland. 407 more words

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Budget Wine: Marchigue Carmenere Reserva Colchagua Valley 2012

I am a fan of unusual wines, especially when they are inexpensive. With the hundreds if not thousands of wines available on any city block, 1/2 of them tasting so much alike, it is cause for celebration when you find something strikingly different. 207 more words

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Wine Discovery: Louis-Antoine Luyt

So I get to do some pretty cool shit, like this last week: Wines of Chile hosted a Wine Bar War featuring four sommeliers from around NYC. 404 more words


Wine Review: 2012 Lacaze Private Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

Whenever I look at a bottle of wine I always wonder what led them to choose this label. Insert pleasant or surprised tone where necessary. Open it up and judge the content accordingly. 296 more words


Important Aromas: Touring Cousiño Macul Winery

Wine has always fallen into one of two categories for me: ways that college kids embarrass themselves, and ways useless cultural capital makes some people better than others (See… 603 more words


Vino De Eyzaguirre "Wine in the Sack" Syrah Colchagua Valley 2012

Nostalgia is something to be avoided especially when what you long for is unworthy—such as a bottle of red wine enrobed in a straw basket. Back in the day when battery acid mixed with alcohol was considered “cultcha”, Chianti in straw baskets was the go-to wine  when you only had a few bucks in your pocket. 118 more words

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Pinot Noir



Crafting fine wine is steeped in ritual.  From planting each vine at our Casablanca Valley estate to hand harvesting in small batches, we apply the same time-honored methods as some of the world’s greatest Pinot Noirs.  

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