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Chili con carne

Homemade chili con carne with beans, bacon and corn.
Served with sour cream and rice.


Mexican Chili (basic veg version)

I was so happy with the way this dish turned out. It tasted good. More importantly, I got good pictures! I see that getting a good shot lifts my spirits more than anything else, even more than when a new experimental dish turns out well! 742 more words

Gravy Side-dishes

Taste of Home: Chili con Carne

We appreciate good meal and delicious flavor!

Tonight, the skies are covered with dark clouds plus we are lazy to go out, so we decided to stay home. 209 more words


Chili con carne (za kišni dan)

Jedno od onih jela koje mogu jesti uvijek i stalno, bila tropska vrućina (da me duplo oblije znoj), bila ciča zima (da me onako fino utopli) nosi naziv… 782 more words

O Slanom/About Savory

Best Chili con Carne ever! (Includes vegan version) | Fiesta Friday #32

This is my sister-in-law’s award-winning chili recipe. How generous of her to share it with me. Her secret ingredient is Angry Orchard. How generous of me to divulge that right off the bat, instead of making you read ’til the end of the post to find out. 1,343 more words


Meowrraomeowrewmeowmeowrraomeowrewmeowmeowrraomeowrewmeow (Charly said)

Saturday night at the sister’s again, another episode of Peter Capaldi’s mad-eyed Dr Who to savour, plus the usual banquet.  Been cooking most of the afternoon; krispy kale with kashews, flatbreads, Quorn ham &  cheese frittata.  248 more words

Standard Elk Chili

Large milestones are worth recognizing but it’s the small rocks that are trod underfoot en route to achievement that need greater recognition.  This I think as I launch into the last hill repeat, stomach in full revolt and hamstring screaming an angry dissertation of hatred.    266 more words