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Ay caramba chili con carne [slow cooked]

I love a good chili! It’s healthy, easy and fast to make and can put some extra spice into a boring diet. I have a large collection of tasty, healthy recipes for diet and workout and this is one of my go-to meals that I’ve held on to over the years. 334 more words


Simple supper * Chili con carne with baby spinach and guacamole

Lets face it we don’t have time to make a feast fit for Kings and Queens every night, nor do we need it. Much like many of us this time of year sees some of us getting a wee bit of ‘winter fat’ around ones belly. 495 more words

Chili Con Carne

Chili and bolognese are two of James’ favourites and if I’m honest I love them too, despite my protests of not really liking beef. I love beef minced and in sauces I guess, as I adore bolognese and lasagne. 417 more words


Recipe: Easy peasy Turkey Chili

I’m currently on the ‘pureed’ stage of my post-surgery diet – I’ve been craving meat, but the idea of pureed meat makes me feel gross. I read on quite a few sleever forums that chili is a good alternative, it crumbles down in to mush on its own and it’s packed with protein! 277 more words


My chilli


In a survey on meals that Britons could cook from memory chilli-con-carne, along with spaghetti bolognese, topped the list. This isn’t very surprising – it’s one of those dishes that even the most basic of cooks can cook. 748 more words

Sancho's turned out to be sancho :-(

Sancho’s, the new Mexican restaurant in UB City… Verdict: I’d say average. While it feels great to sit at a table with a light breeze blowing through your hair, the food doesn’t feel as great as it should to your taste buds. 206 more words

Live To Eat!

Warm Weather Soup (Chili)

Most soups are for cold weather.  The warm of the soup warms you up from the inside, putting a smile on your face and quiets the howling wind just a bit. 660 more words