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How Are You Celebrating National Hotdog Day?

Summer would not be summer for me without one grilled to plump perfection. I used to eat them way too often as a kid, annnnnnddddd I probably still do as an adult. 158 more words


Kosher Dogs for my 3rd-of-July Lunch at Subsational

Mike and I were recently talking about blogging and children. Since we both have some at this point, we have realized that there’s not much time for long-form blogging. 462 more words

New York

Nathan's Famous Low Sodium Choices

by Gerry Aire

ENTREES limited to 50% of the US daily value for sodium and 500 calories:

breakfast item: sandwich: bacon/egg/cheese english muffin, sodium 35%, calories 380… 197 more words


A Quick Father's Day Snack at the Crif Dogs Truck

Firstly, let’s wish Mike a happy first Father’s Day!  I don’t think dogs were a part of his day, but I think he did get around to smoking some meat.   226 more words

Hot Dog Stands

The Quizzard of Oz

This isn’t going to be a particularly funny edition of my blog. Of course anyone who actually reads my blog would have already realized that. I actually save all of my best material for my paying customers – that would be basically my wife and kids who pay every single day by having to live with me. 909 more words

Tim Braun

Midweek Munchin': In L.A., A Warm Coat Of Chili

By Jim McLauchlin

One look around will tell you that Los Angeles leads the league in image consciousness and plastic surgery. So why, in the land of the wispy-thin supermodel, does everything come slathered in chili? 694 more words